Srila Prabhupada's Poisoning by Arsenic  Someone Has Poisoned Me - Part 1
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Srila Prabhupada: " As long as you remain a fool, then I can instruct you;
but when you think you are very intelligent, then nothing is possible."


BIF-REPORT PART THREE/C - Tamal Krsna aka Thomas Herzig aka TKG


Part Three/C gives a brief update of events, before moving on to the 'statement' of Tamal Krsna (a.k.a Thomas Herzig). Who shall henceforward be referred to as ' Herzig ' ). Published by (Oct 6th ' 99). The statement was later added to the "Testimonies" section of the GBC book: "Not That I am Poisoned (NTIPp 45).


For those unaware of Herzig's position within the Hare Krsna Society (ISKCON): He is currently a sect endorsed 'guru'. His ascension to this position has no precedence in Vedic law. Traditionally, devotees are trained continuously for twenty-five years before being considered instructors (what to speak of accepting disciples). Here are Srila Prabhupada's credentials :-Srila Prabhupada: "Oh Yes, my father trained me from childhood, yes. And then I met my spiritual master in 1922. In India 80 to 90% people are Krishna Conscious by family-wise. You see? So we were trained up from the beginning of our life." (Conversations, 681230 iu. la) And here are Herzig's credentials:- Srila Prabhupada: "I could understand you had no family love, anything. " (TKG's Diary. Page 75).


After only ten years of sporadic association with its founder, Herzig claimed (subsequent to the founder's demise) that he, along with ten others who had been appointed as representatives by the late acarya, were now acaryas themselves. Here's what he wrote: "But when the guru departs, sadhu and sastra can take on a new import, as those who succeed him become the new interpreters of past precedents, scriptural law, and the new set of circumstance." (A Hare Krsna at Southern Methodist University (HKSMU) : 297. A book by Tamal Krishna (Herzig)). The others quickly agreed. However, it didn't quite work out. The representatives who claimed acarya/guru status proved to be gangsters and whore mongers:- "Jayatirtha das was found to be taking LSD and was guilty of sexual transgressions. Hamsadutta Swami, in a much publicised case, was discovered amassing weapons, and was also found to be sexually promiscuous. (HKSMU: 305)


Not long after, others were exposed for murder, paedophilia, and fornicating with the wives of their disciples. Instead of trying to save the society by reverting to the status designated by the acarya:- Srila Prabhupada:-"These eleven devotees are called "ritvik"--representatives of the acarya." (TKG's Diary: 112) Herzig attempted to grab the lot:-"Tamal Krishna Goswami, the leader of a large number of sannyasi and brahmacari preachers, had insisted that he was now their via media in relating to Prabhupada and expected that his godbrothers follow him absolutely." (HKSMU: 305).


Now only four of the eleven appointed representatives remain. Of these, three are in limbo. More devotees live in exile than within ISKCON. And what remains of the society is being cannibalised by others who also fly the guru kite. While ISKCON burns, Herzig fiddles:- "Indeed. Lord Caitanya had given an open order for all to "become a spiritual master and try to liberate everyone in this land." But a succession of 'all' is a succession of none." (HKSMU: 289). Here's what Srila Prabhupada told Herzig only eighteen weeks before his passing: Herzig: "I told Prabhupada we had a meeting to further relieve him. But he was not impressed at all and said, "Problem is there is no brain." (TKG' Diary: 54).


Devotees witnessed as Herzig's 'appointed gurus' began to retrogress. Quickly brushing aside the 'anointed-appointed' concoction, Herzig replaced the fallen, with voices from his own encomium choir. The "New Zonal Acarya System" was born. It wasn't long before the 'Zonies' went twilight. Practising celibates, went hardcore libido. To render this recurring danda problem impotent, Herzig created a hot-dog version of Vaisnavism: "The Multi-Guru-System" or "Gurus Inc" ;a virtual assembly-line of made-in-ISKCON gurus. The program now provides endless Fagans for ISKCON's unsuspecting Twists. But more importantly for Herzig, it further obfuscates the murder investigation by providing propaganda, allegiance, and bullet-proof protection via grateful 'gurus' who are all protégée party-liners.


It seemed unbelievable that His Divine Grace, an empire builder, had left ISKCON without a mandate, and to a pod of resuscitated hippies led by Herzig. When crisis followed calamity, it became painfully obvious to all involved, the group were flying by the seat oft heir saffrons. Then, as if by divine decree, poison whispers were discovered on the 'Conversation Tapes' (and forensically verified). This led to the analysis and confirmation (by forensics) of arsenic in Prabhupada's hair-clippings (twenty times higher than average). Later it was discovered; the Will (which gave clue to motive)had been hidden, the "Final Order"had been smoke screened, and important audiotapes(which quite possibly contained vital dictates from His Divine Grace) had gone missing. Eye witnesses saw Herzig alone at the tape cupboard immediately after Prabhupada's passing. He was the 'secretary' and key-holder to all information.


The question most asked in connection with the demise of Srila Prabhupada is: "Why would anyone want to murder an elderly person affected by an advanced disease?" The answer to this question is incomprehensible for those disinterested in absolute power. Yet, if we understand that our own existence in the material world is due to envy of God's supreme position, then we can appreciate how envy of His Divine Grace wasn't much different. Furthermore, when we are made aware that Prabhupada wanted representatives not inheritors, and that he was making these thoughts known only shortly before his passing; murder becomes a reality.


The "inheritors" were expectant of the whole package. They wanted to be accepted on par with Prabhupada after his death. To be perceived to be as good-as-god. They wanted total control over the lives of others, just as they had given His Divine Grace control over them. It was tradition. It was parampara. It was their initiated right. But Srila Prabhupada had other plans. He wanted to do what his Guru before him had done; in that a body of commissioners would take care of what he had already put in place. No single person was to be acarya. And it was okay with Herzig, he could deal with that problem later (and he tried; read (9)*below). But when Prabhupada wanted disciples initiated on his behalf even after he was gone, it was too much. He had to be stopped and all information relating to the dictate erased, or the inheritance would go....'up-the Ganga'. There never was a more temperate incubator to hatch a homicide.


Those who know Herzig, know that he is freakishly power-hungry. So overwhelmed is he by a lust for power, that even he cannot contain it. No sooner had His Divine Grace been entombed than Herzig began to pump out patrimony propaganda. We have listed some of the claims and contradictions below (Note: The authenticity of the quotes ascribed to Prabhupada cannot be validated. They are all taken from Herzig's (fantasy) publications):


(1) Here Herzig wrestles God in a patrimony claim: ....." Indeed. Lord Caitanya had given an open order for all to "become a spiritual master and try to liberate everyone in this land." But a succession of 'all' is a succession of none." (A Hare Krsna at Southern Methodist University (HKSMU: 289)by Tamal Krsna).


And here's Herzig (in another publication), saying the exact opposite: " In the middle of the night, Srila Prabhupada called for me. He could not sleep; thinking of the will had kept him up. "Amongst the G.B.C., have you selected one after me who will succeed?" I replied that we felt that we should manage together as a group, that none of us was more qualified than the others. (TKG's Diary: 92)


(2) Here he tells us Prabhupada wanted acaryas.....SP: "I shall appoint some sannyasis as acaryas." (TKG's Diary: 48)


And here he tells us the exact opposite:......"This morning in the garden, I asked Srila Prabhupada what we should do regarding initiations. He said give me a list of sannyasis, and I shall mark which ones.....[.....]....These eleven devotees are called "ritvik"--representatives of the acarya.(TKG's Diary: 112)


(3) Here Herzig informs us why he should be the boss....SP: "You are my private secretary. You have to be responsible for everything." (TKG's Diary: 46)


Here SP tells us why there shouldn't be any bosses....I told Prabhupada we had a meeting to further relieve him. But he was not impressed at all and said, "Problem is there is no brain." (TKG's Diary: 54).


(4) Here Herzig tells us how his service effects the world....."I said, "Srila Prabhupada, our only desire is to serve you." And he said, "I know, and it is the only reason I am living. All over the world things are going on by your sincere service." (TKG's Diary: 66)


But here, SP tells us Herzig doesn't want to serve at all:....SP: "You have a bad habit. When I need anything, you always have your assistants get it." (TKG's Diary: 172)


And here (avoiding details) Herzig admits to arguing with SP...." I felt very perplexed with Prabhupada' admonition, "You are prejudiced." Later in the afternoon, I was still feeling disturbed, mainly because of my argumentative attitude during the earlier discussion." (TKG's Diary: 103)


(5) Here are some more of Herzig's claims to Boss-Head......SP: "Of course if I die there is nothing to lament. You are quite competent....[....]....My physical presence is not important." (TKG's Diary: 217)


And....."Was this perhaps a training period? Because now, I answer all the letters myself, reading His Divine Grace neither the letters nor the replies. It is certainly a relief for him not to be taxed with so many matters." (TKG's Diary: 68)


And again....SP: "Tamala, my brain is not working now. You are very intelligent; so whatever you decide, I will do." (TKG's Diary: 190) ( Note: Please read the "SPECIAL"dedicated to Herzig's 'intelligence' at the end of this article).

And again:.....SP: "May your (Herzig's) words be blessed. Bless me that I may fix up my mind." (TKG's Diary: 195)


And again....SP: "There is nothing lamentable if I pass away. My age is now ripe. You conduct affairs." (TKG's Diary: 191)


And again.....Calling for me Prabhupada said, "Now practically the whole situation will depend on you." (TKG's Diary: 329)


And again...." Srila Prabhupada said, " Do not go! I want to train you. At least one of you may know everything, can be qualified." (TKG's Diary: 92)


And again: "Krsna had directed Prabhupada to ask me to read the document. Otherwise, we would never have caught the mistake. (TKG's Diary: 329)


(6)Here's Herzig actually believing he's a doctor....."Because I was treating him, Srila Prabhupada acted as though I was his doctor. He told Bhakticaru to consult with me regarding which foods he should be served and asked Upendra to consult me about the kind of massage and bath to give." (TKG's Diary: 110) (Note: Herzig was never medically trained. Not even to squeeze a pimple).


(7) And here's Herzig playing guru in front of guru: "I told Srila Prabhupada that Visala would only try to conceive a child after taking permission from me." (TKG's Diary: 132)


(8)Here's Herzig murdering His Divine Grace in view of everyone (and not one GBC man has raised a finger to stop it)......"But when the guru departs, sadhu and sastra can take on a new import, as those who succeed him become the new interpreters of past precedents, scriptural law, and the new set of circumstance." (HKSMU: 297).


(9)*And here he admits attempting a coup after Prabhupada's 'departure'......"Faith in the guru and the institution as a whole was severely shaken when the GBC had to censure three of the eleven gurus for varying degrees of misconduct. Jayatirtha das was found to be taking LSD and was guilty of sexual transgressions. Hamsadutta Swami, in a much publicised case, was discovered amassing weapons, and was also found to be sexually promiscuous. Tamal Krishna Goswami, (Herzig) the leader of a large number of sannyasi and brahmacari preachers, had insisted that he was now their via media in relating to Prabhupada and expected that his god-brothers follow him absolutely." (HKSMU: 305).


What follows is a short list of vinegar quotes made by Herzig. There can be no reason for these recollections other than to make His Divine Grace appear ordinary. Some of the quotes have been attributed to Srila Prabhupada (SP) himself. Whether or not the quotes are true is irrelevant. At best, they are a breach of confidence. We see Herzig's reasons for publishing them as a sort of twisted therapy perhaps. An exorcising of Herzig's Hobgobblins. (Note: To avoid excessive volume, we have only taken quotes from one publication; "TKG's Diary.")




(a) Gradually, I have seen that Srila Prabhupada is no longer chanting japa on his beads. Many years ago, he was chanting sixty- four rounds, then gradually less, until a number of years ago it was sixteen. But now he does not chant on beads." (TKG's Diary: 68).

(b) Although it was Ekadasi, Srila Prabhupada asked for Horlicks, which contains ingredients that are derived from grains. (TKG's Diary: 201)

(c) He had me put snuff near him, of which he also availed himself. (TKG's Diary: 204)

(d) Unfortunately, Upendra mistook champagne for lemonade, and he fed Srila Prabhupada the champagne. Prabhupada drank a little and motioned that he was satisfied." (TKG's Diary: 192)




(a) During the gurukula kirtan, Prabhupada is drooling more and more. (TKG's Diary: 58)

(b) Prabhupada was speaking to Bhavananda Maharaja (Bacis) and looking at him said, "Just now I am forgetting your name. This is the position." (TKG's Diary: 266)

(c) Prabhupada has difficulty hearing correspondence. Very often, he falls asleep in the middle of a letter. (TKG's Diary: 198)

(d) Today while listening to Jayadvita read, Prabhupada fell asleep..." (TKG's Diary: 285)

(e) In the case of Mr. Meyer, I had originally thought I should deal with him myself and not tax Srila Prabhupada. But gradually, I had begun to feel that this man was a little special and deserved special attention. Prabhupada however, had to strain to think the whole matter out, and I saw now that I should not have bothered him." (TKG's Diary: 73)

(f) In the afternoon Srila Prabhupada felt lonely and unhappy, so he asked us all to come to him. (TKG's Diary: 297)

(g) Srila Prabhupada had difficulty seeing, so I helped him sign by putting his hand in the proper place. (TKG's Diary: 329)

(h) It failed mainly because Srila Prabhupada was expected to subject himself to cold, a procedure he did not like at all. Otherwise, the treatment might have worked.(TKG's Diary: 97)

(i) He passed urine from bed, into a bed pan. (TKG's Diary: 195)

(j) SP: "I have not studied all the Vedas and Upanisads. I have read only Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam." (TKG's Diary:)


And here's the HERZIG HORSE FLY who also tells us: "Even though the very mention of Prabhupada's disappearance does indeed bring pain to a disciples heart, hearing the subject is like drinking hot sugar cane juice: painful yet irresistibly sweet." (The Final Pastimes of SP, page 4)


(a) The previous night Srila Prabhupada had passed stool in bed. (TKG's Diary: 161)

(b) Deciding to give Srila Prabhupada an enema, we laid him down in the bathroom...[...]...We gave him three enemas." (TKG's Diary: 169)

(c) In the afternoon, Prabhupada called for me. "Today I am not feeling well," he said. "I have passed liquid stool." (TKG's Diary: 199)

(d) All night Prabhupada had passed urine full of puss and blood clots. (TKG's Diary: 257)

(e) When he passed urine in the morning, it was free of blood. (TKG's Diary: 265)

(f) When the kaviraja saw Prabhupada's very discoloured urine, he said the disorder was a type of gonorrhoea. (TKG's Diary: 270)

(g) He (SP) was disturbed because he was passing stool too frequently, three times a day. (TKG's Diary: 280)

(h) Srila Prabhupada began to vomit after hardly a mouthful. So much mucus immediately came out. (TKG's Diary: 280/81)

(i) Five times today he passed stool. (TKG's Diary: 301)

(j) During the second translation period in the evening, he began passing stool while translating was going on. (TKG's Diary: 304)

(k) Because he does not know when he has passed stool, we have to tell him, and then Upendra usually cleans him up. (TKG's Diary: 327)


So we hear all this nectar from Herzig, but what we don't see are any structured charts, or (filed) progressive medical reports on Srila Prabhupda's condition. For example: (1) Some patients with type 2 diabetes can avoid having to take any medications through diet and exercise, and to the extent that their blood sugar levels remain normal, they can be considered cured, so where is Srila Prabhupada's diet and exercise chart?(2) Insulin therapy is only started if pills do not work effectively or if patients request insulin, this has nothing to do with going to a hospital. So where are the charts showing prescriptions, dosages and appropriate dispensing adjustments made for Srila Prabhupada? The only record of medications we have is something about poisonous makaradhvaja, and this nonsense: "For now the kaviraja was giving medicine made from crushed pearls and will be giving crushed emeralds later, which are even more powerful than crushed diamonds." (TKG's Diary., page 348).(3)Most people with type 2 diabetes check their blood sugars less frequently, such as 1-2 times a day. But, this must be done regularly otherwise discomfort levels can become excessive. Careful attention to keeping blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the normal range also improves lifespan for people with diabetes. So, where are the daily/weekly/monthly sugar level readings taken from His Divine Grace? (4) Many different foods, especially carbohydrates and fats, can be broken down into glucose. In addition, glucose is made by the liver. Both of these sources, in the setting of insulin deficiency or insulin resistance, can contribute to high blood sugar. So, who was Prabhupada's dietician? If he didn't have one, why not? If he did; where is his diet control variation chart.(5)All non-insulin-diabetics have a condition called impaired glucose tolerance, which means that they have normal blood sugars when fasting, but their sugar rises too high and stays up too long when they eat sugars/ glucose/fructose. From reading " TKG's Diary," we find that Srila Prabhupada's intake was basically sugar/glucose/ fructose contained in misri jaal, misri doodh, honey, royal jelly, ice-cream, custard, raisins, fruit-juices, fruit, laddhu. And these were punctuated with fried egg-plant, fried portals (patal), puris, and coconut milk blended with avocado.Even without arsenic, this menu can poison/kill a diabetic:- "Prabhupada complained about a feeling of intoxication, but this was explained away as being due to taking glucose and protein ...." (TKG's Diary. Page 251). Why was this torture being inflicted on His Divine Grace? (6) Why is there no recorded knowledge (by Prabhupada's nurses) of exacerbated hyperglycaemia leading to loss of energy, blurred vision, nausea, bladder and skin infection, kidney disease, heart palpitations, circulatory problems, nerves, and digestive disorders?


Scatter-gun-sentiments, sophistry and pedantry, wont protect the patina on this twenty-four-year old mystery. Lookism is the fallacy of cultism not its investigators. For those not involved with ISKCON's mind share, the plinth of research is truth. So, if the relationships between Srila Prabhupada and his nurses/senior disciples were based on bhabe (love/caring), let's inquire how much basic care was given. Here are some straight shooting questions, let's have some straight shooting answers:


1) If Herzig knew Prabhupada had diabetes (and he did), what was the diet plan? (provide chart)

2) What was Srila Prabhupada's overall glycemic risk, or risk of long and short term complications? (provide analysis)

3)What was Srila Prabhupada's postmeal or postprandial plasma glucose level? (provide chart)

4) What was Srila Prabhupada's fasting plasma glucose level? (provide chart)

5) What was his (average) blood pressure mm Hg systolic and mm Hg diastolic? (provide chart)

6) What were his cholesterol mg/dl readings? Triglycerides (blood fats)? And LDL where detected?(provide chart)

7) Was a doctor called when blood sugar levels were high? Who? (provide name and filed report)

8) Were Srila Prabhupada's postmeal blood glucose levels (glucose spike) ever monitored? His fasting blood glucose levels? His Glycosylated haemoglobin (HbA1c) ? (provide charts).

9) Did any of Srila Prabhupada's "nurses"know that blood sugar levels in people with diabetes need to be carefully monitored? If not, why not? If they were, what proof is there that this knowledge was put into action?


Though the information provided in "TKG's Diary" is scanty, desultory and peripatetic without a lodestar (other than Herzig's own encomium) we are still left with little doubt that His Divine Grace was being tortured to death (by negligence if not pre-meditation). To debate between dubious medication, arsenic, and diet as catalysts, is academic. It would appear that all three worked in unison to achieve fatal results. Whereas the administration of arsenic has no confession, the dispensation of sugar has (read below). And since a high level of blood sugar (complex carbohydrates) is known to exacerbate complications in diabetics, and since it is considered extremely hazardous (poisonous)if not strictly monitored and regulated. and since Prabhupada's 'nurses' were already aware of his diabetic condition (Ch: 2, NTIP), it is our belief that bogus medication sugars and arsenic used in concert, silenced His Divine Grace.


From the "Conversation Tape" (T-46) we have reason to believe that sugar was plied into His Divine Grace on a regular basis. Here's why: Srila Prabhupada: (talking about his milk) Beshi mishti hoyeche (It has become too sweet). Hoyeche = (has become) = past continuous tense. This tells us; at other times it was not as sweet, but it was constant and sweet nevertheless. And here are other reasons for concern:-


(a) "Prabhupada slept well and ate three and a half puris with fried portals (patal)." (TKG's Diary: 59)

(b) "Prabhupada drinks milk (sweetened as always?) in various ways throughout the day, and there is no doubt that it is an important factor in restoring his health." (p 79)

(c) "Upendra recommended also taking royal jelly; and so today, Prabhupada took it frequently with honey." (Page 183)

(d) "Srila Prabhupada asked for raisins and honey, ground together." (p 216)

(e) "Prabhupada tried a little ice cream they had brought and said it was first-class." ( p 221)

(f) "During the afternoon he took 100 cc of grape juice for the second time today." ( p 224)

(g) "He was helped up so he could drink; as we watched, he drank a whole glass of grape juice." ( p 241)

(h) " SP: I'll take some strawberries."...[....]....Prabhupada asked what the value of strawberries was. Tejiyas suggested that they were beneficial because they had sugar." (p 241)

(i) " Then, the Agra doctor, a nice man, advised that since Prabhupada needed energy, glucose would be very good." (p 248).

(j) " Prabhupada increased his liquid intake to about 450 cc today; he was taking some glucose with his drinks." (p 251)

(k) " Prabhupada complained about a feeling of intoxication, but this was explained away as being due to taking glucose and protein drinks...." (p 251)

(l) " Today he took 620 cc of juices, the most since September 30." (p 255)

(m) " Pisima had prepared five preparations with great love- Khichari, shukta (stew), fried eggplant, cauliflower, chutney. Kirtanananda Swami was thinking to say that if Prabhupada ate, then he, Kirtanananda Swami, would leave. He felt it would not be good for Prabhupada to eat such rich food." (p 260)

(n) "In the late afternoon Srila Prabhupada took sandesh." (p 263)

(o) SP: "That much--glucose. Nothing more for the time being. Don't increase, decrease." (p 265)

(p) "He was given pomegranate juice, which he drank with his golden straw." (p 270)

(q) "For lunch, Srila Prabhupada had vegetable broth along with a paste of avocado, papaya, and coconut." (p 271)

(r)" Prabhupada's sister cooked fried eggplant, fried portals, puris, yogurt blended with figs, apricots, and raisins, papaya, coconut milk blended with avocado. Srila Prabhupada ate very heartily." (p 272)

(s) " During the past few days, he had eaten a little custard at times, and a little ice cream. Today, we suggested that he pick his favourite preparation. We all gave suggestions, which Prabhupada rejected; but when Upendra mentioned laddhu, Prabhupada approved." (p 283)

(t) Tamal Krsna: " Passing stool after drinking so much fruit juice is not unnatural." (Srila Prabhupada has continued to take alarge amount of liquids, 750 cc to 1200 cc.)(p 304).

(u) "Three times yesterday Prabhupada took fried food." (p 53)


It would be utter nonsense for anyone to even suggest that His Divine Grace was monitoring his own diet. Here we see, who controlled Srila Prabhupada's diet:- Tamala Krsna (Herzig): " Now on one hand we could take it...give him that medicine (poison) or let him stop death...until death, we could have done that." (Taped conversation dated 11/77 between Thomas Herzig and Satsvarupa das, in which Herzig claims that Srila Prabhupada wanted Herzig to kill him by administering poison).


When we discover that His Divine Grace was diseased, and without a heir to his international fortune (later claimed by Herzig and Co.)......And because of failing eyesight, he becomes dependent on his secretary (Herzig) to deal with his bank account, his Will, directives and documents.......And when we hear that Srila Prabhupada was confined to a little room, isolated, without medical attention for his diabetes, and plied with sugars.....And that he complained (on audio tape and privately) of being poisoned.... Also, intimating that he was being killed by a Ravana (a wicked king who wanted to rule everyone)....And when "poison whispers"from his bedside conversations were forensically enhanced and confirmed by three separate leaders in the field.....And when these forensic scientists tell us to contact the law because we have a conspiracy to murder on our hands.....And when another group of forensic scientists tell us; Prabhupada had arsenic in his hair (twenty times higher than average).....And when we hear reports of things said and done during the period, prior to, and after the alleged crime....And when Herzig's "Diary" (published twenty-one-years later) attempts to muff the facts..... And when the GBC endorsed refutation of the facts (NTIP) is riddled with lies and deceptions. The least we can do, is take a closer look at Herzig. Here's his 'statement' (along with a few other gems) in red. Our comments follow each excerpt.


Herzigs "Statement" in red italics. Our comments in black.


"For quite some time rumors have been circulating that Srila Prabhupada was poisoned, murdered by his own disciples. I as his secretary have been the chief accused."


To be precise, the rumours started from the lips of His Divine Grace back in ' 77 (on the 8th of Nov).Here arehis exact words; Srila Prabhupada: "Ka bole je poison korechhe......hote pare." ("Someone said(I have) been poisoned's possible." (Tape-44, side A). While Herzig's academic brain seems to have fudged events, less endowed devotees remember well his reaction to these rumours. At first Herzig believed the informant was Krsna das Babaji Maharaja (a pure devotee of Krsna and dear friend of Srila Prabhupada's). That in itself informs us of Herzig's acceptance of the rumour as fact. Anyway, just to remind him, here are audio and literally admitted confirmations by Herzig as to the source of the rumour being none other than Srila Prabhupada himself:-


1) "Was it Krsna das?" (T-44/A).(2) "Who said that Srila Prabhupada?" (T44/A).(3) "Srila Prabhupada? You said before that....., that it is said that you were poisoned? (T44/B). (4) "Did anyone tell you that, or you know it from before?" (T44/B). (5) "Ah, I see. That's why actually we can not allow anyone else to cook for you." (T44/B). (6) "Prabhupada was thinking that someone had poisoned him." (T45/B). (7) "Srila Prabhupada, Sastriji says that there must be some truth to it if you say that. So who has poisoned?" (T45/B). (8) "No poison is strong enough to stop the Harinam, Srila Prabhupada." (T45/B).(9) "Prabhupada disclosed his thoughts that someone had poisoned him" (TKG's Diary, page 340). Enough? If so desired, we can repeat these recorded facts constantly or until the cows come home. There is no loss or diminution on this path. We have purposely selected only the words spoken by Herzig. If he is still suffering from amnesia, we can produce confirmation from other sources as well.


"I as his secretary have been the chief accused."


Who else is there that can be chief accused ? It was Herzig who moved into Prabhupada's quarters shortly after Prabhupada's passing. And this was done against His Divine Grace's expressed wishes :- Srila Prabhupada: " My rooms around the world should be kept as museum after my departure." (TKG's Diary. Page 213). It was Herzig who had his Vyasasana (guru seat) set up on the podium. It was Herzig who set up the 'appointed guru' system, then the 'zonal acarya' system, and the current 'multi-guru' system. It is Herzig who had his hot little hands on the purse-strings. It is Herzig who is trustee for Prabhupada's properties internationally. It is Herzig who's birthday parties continue for weeks around the globe, while Srila Prabhupada's Vyasa puja lasts for an afternoon. It is Herzig whose food, clothes, international travel, university studies, accommodation, private bank-balance, private real estate, cars and other mod-cons, have all been made possible by Prabhupada's death and subsequent GBC legislature. How can he not be the chief accused? In fact, after taking everything into consideration (bar the sentiment), we would be forced to ask how is it that Herzig didn't murder Srila Prabhupada, if he didn't?


Tamala Krsna: Put poison in different containers. That's all right. - [(((audio)))]


"Many of you might have wondered why I have not denied this charge if there is no truth to it. The reason is quite simple: I felt the most appropriate and beneficial way to do so was to publish my diary, "TKG's Diary," both in book form and electronically in the Supplementary VedaBase."


Sure, Herzig has feigned publicly his disinterest in the accusations. But privately (read 3/B), he embarked on a cyber- muster to arrange an all out proxy defence. His publication of "TKG's Diary," both in book form and electronically in the Supplementary VedaBase."was indeed 'the most appropriate and beneficial way'. Appropriating funds for his own benefit is nothing new. In fact, it is this very modus operandi that pans Herzig (like a vulture) in the right place at the wrong time: "...I proposed that things would go on nicely without me and that I was now free to become his secretary. His Divine Grace kindly accepted me." (TKG's Diary. Page 1). The disappearance of His Divine Grace its appropriation and resultant benefits (for Herzig), is what glues the clues. As for the diary itself; we would like to know why Herzig has never published a diary before or since? Is it because: "The diary is published in the conviction that a large and purgative dose of sheer facts is the best antidote to the "poisoned theory"? (TKG's Diary. Foreword). Is this truly why the "Diary" was 'recorded'? There could be no other reason. And why wasn't it published years ago, before the 'poison whispers' were discovered? Or to be more clear; why was it published twenty-one-years later, only after a conspiracy to murder was discovered? Why did Herzig keep the "Poison Conversations" hidden for two decades? Why did it take him twenty-one years to publish a series of disconnected notations that could be edited proof-read and published within a month? Suspiciously late, wouldn't you say?


"This allows everyone the chance to judge for themselves what went on during Prabhupada's final pastimes."


No!! The matter of Srila Prabhupada's disappearance is not so trivial that it be judged by a consensus of sectarian opinion. To throw this issue to those who ride the ISKCON gravy-train, who fear that a derailment may hurl them into a nine-to-five situation, is totally unacceptable. More than any other of ISKCON's ghosts, this must be exorcised by State, not sect.


"I also did not want to be drawn into endless debate with persons who are not actually interested in hearing facts that contradict their spurious theories. Still, friends have urged me to at least make one statement, and having read HH Bhakti Caru Swami's, I now am doing the same. It is not meant to be a comprehensive response to each and every allegation but a simple statement of fact.


We have already cleared up this matter about debate. Herzig was caught out, in a frenzy, whipping his minions into "debate mode" (on his behalf). Please read our previous report:3/B. We have noted all of Herzig's facts (and have highlighted them for our readers), if there was even one shred of evidence that supported Herzig claim to proper conduct, we would have excavated it. There is none.



It is very interesting to note how Herzig apes Bacis (Bhavananda) in closing ranks. Bacis: "Absolutely none of my Godbrothers poisoned Srila Prabhupada." (NTIP, page 135). Professional courtesies, or what? Okay. For the umpteenth time. Let's take Herzig by the ear:- TKG's Diary: 340: (quote)" We asked Srila Prabhupada later what was the cause of his mental disturbance. Prabhupada disclosed his thoughts that someone has poisoned him." (unquote).Now we will list some of the other quotes made by Bhakticaru, the Kaviraja and Srila Prabhupada, all of which confirm the poisoning. Bhakticaru: (quote) "Someone has given him poison here!!" (unquote) Kaviraja: (quote) "Listen, this is the understanding that some raksasa (may) have given (poison)...... Caru swami (Bhakticaru says "yes"). some raksasa has given (poison). This can happen. It's not impossible. This is what Srila Prabhupada is saying then there must be some truth in it. In this there is no doubt. (unquote). Here's further confirmation that directly indicates Thomas Herzig is in knowledge that Srila Prabhupada was poisoned. Tamala Krsna (Herzig): "What did Kaviraja just say?" Bhakticaru: "He said that when Srila Prabhupada was saying that (he is poisoned) there must be something truth behind it." (unquote). And here's a statement from Srila Prabhupada: "That same talk....Someone has poisoned me."


Under the circumstances; self preservation would have forced even a donkey to follow caution. Contact officials. Clear away suspicions. Yet, there was no official investigation. There was no pathological testing. Even if there were doubts, what was the great loss in following this standard procedure? The only conclusion we can arrive at, is that somebody was exerting influence to convince others that Srila Prabhupada was talking nonsense. And in so doing, was protecting himself. Herzig was the only king-pin there. We cannot find anyone (at the time) who had the gall to challenge Herzig. To further confirm our theory, we present this guilty-as-sin howler from the boss-man himself: "We did not go searching for a murderer because we concluded there was no murder." (NTIP, page 146). Two questions: 1) "Who were the WE involved in that investigation? Name them" And 2)" What/ Where is the evidence that led to the above conclusion?" His Divine Grace was not senile, mentally incapacitated, hallucinatory or vindictive. The truth is; he was in sound mind even to his last breath. We have the tapes to prove it. In summation, it is difficult to see past Herzig's down-playing of this tragedy as anything other than cloak-and-arsenic.

"There were many dozens of devotees surrounding Srila Prabhupada in his final pastimes."


The 'many devotees' line, has also been used by Bhakticaru and Bacis (Bhavananda). It is almost as though the stories between these three have been sync'd to grow mushrooms. This over emphasis on what should be of little importance, sends tingles down the spine. Here's Bacis' (Bhavananda) version:- "Srila Prabhupada was certainly never more approachable by all the devotees regardless of sannyasa, grhastha, male, female or even child...." And here's Bhakticaru variation on the same theme: "Srila Prabhupada had to just tell any one of the few hundred devotees that were there, and one can only imagine what the reaction would have been like."


So why do these suspects want us to believe that Srila Prabhupada's chamber was like Chowringhee Road-in peak-hour? Is it because; if it were, the busy scene would not fit the crime? And if the scene didn't fit, then how could there be a crime? And if there was no crime-scene hence no crime, how could there be criminals? And if there was no crime-scene, no crime, and no criminals, why are we giving them the finger? The fact is, visitors were kept away. We have already clarified this in article 3/A. Now we will further confirm this fact by using Herzig's own words:-

1) "I promised Prabhupada that no letters would be read and no visitors would come. How long had he wanted this--to be undisturbed. But it took such a serious disease, for it finally to be possible." (TKG's D: 43).

2)" I mentioned that Bhavananda Maharaja had asked to be called if Prabhupada's condition worsened. Prabhupada said yes and added, "Actually all devotees should come." Then he corrected himself. "All important devotees should come." (TKG's D: 43)

Here he tells us it was Prabhupada's choice:

3) "Prabhupada commented, "We want a few selected men, not a big crowd." (TKG's D: 36).

Here he admits to bouncers in operation:

4) At first he was told the doctor had ordered that Prabhupada was not to have any visitors; but when I took in a box of mangoes.....Prabhupada inquired who had brought them and then asked to see him." (TKG's D: 89).

Even Prabhupada's sister (Pisima)was barred entry:

5) "Prabhupada called for his sister and spoke in Bengali. Prabhupada (to his sister): "Sometime in the past I heard you were not allowed in the room. So if there is any offence, I want you to forgive me." (TKG's D: 259).

And here (according to Herzig) are the doctor's orders:

"Dr. G. Ghosh advised that there were too many people always surrounding Srila Prabhupada, decreasing the amount of oxygen and increasing the risk of spreading germs." (TKG's D: 272).

And here is the clanger. This proves how tight security was, and who was controlling it (Con:246 p)

6) Herzig:"...I think now I'll turn off the light....."

Prabhupada: "Light you can keep. Hmm?"

 Herzig: "I have to give the key to the door. I keep the door locked when I'm not in the room."


Security was always tight; but once Prabhupada complained to Balarama Misra about his being poisoned (T-45/A), the doors slammed shut. From then on (T-45, 46 & 47) only party-liners were permitted. Even so, Herzig dominated all conversations. He sat on all communion like a bower-bird over blue trinkets. His voice on the final tapes, can be heard asking, "What did he say?" Demanding immediate translations from 'little brother 'Bhakticaru, for all spoken Hindi and Bengali.


"Their only concern was to see Srila Prabhupada continue to live with us. Especially those serving him personally were attentive to detail and every word His Divine Grace spoke."


Wake up Herzig ! Wake up ! Prabhupada said he was being poisoned, you did nothing. He was seriously in need of professional care. You gave him the gang of four. He needed a doctor, you gave him a medicine-man. He felt that doctors would kill him (wonder why?), you endorsed the belief with scare-mongering. He complained the medicines were not working, you made sure they wouldn't by negating/ toxifying their effects with a sugar diet. And then, somewhere along the line, he wound up dead with 2.6 ppm of arsenic in his hair.


"Do you think that we could be so callous as to have heard Prabhupada say "I have been poisoned," and not be concerned? Of course we were concerned."


Please read this statement carefully, and again if necessary. It is unequivocal. Herzig admits to hearing Srila Prabhupada say:

"I have been poisoned." His only concern is that others may feel he was not concerned after hearing the complaint. This is confirmed by the statement: Of course we were concerned. Naturally, the next question is: "Why be concerned?" The answer is irrevocable:"Prabhupada disclosed his thoughts that someone had poisoned him" (TKG's Diary, page 340). So, what did Herzig do about these serious concerns ? Answer: He used influence, bribery, seniority and cult etiquette to suppress it. And still does. Here he is; caught in the muster :-


"Persons who have been strictly following are accused of hating Prabhupada, poisoning His Divine Grace, and subverting his movement by those who don't strictly follow but who truly love him. Does it sound right? An article like this would be appreciated by all ISKCON temple devotee readers and would help to draw the line between the opposing sides. Again, who will write it? ........I appreciate that this may have to be done by some, to win the "war of words," but I doubt that I should be one of those who do it......I would think lots of persons,- any senior ISKCON devotee should be able......".That will be enough for our supporters, but such denials will not convince our opponents. That is to be expected. But what we really need is to convince the 'middle', the vast number of uncommitted. If we cannot convince the 'middle' then we are lost......"We need to give extended textual materials in which sentences like the one we claim "proves" that Prabhupada was not poisoned (the "not that I'm poisoned" comment) occurs (and Herzig's minions obliged by presenting in his defence, the book, titled by this very text: 'Not That I am Poisoned'

(From a medley of COM messages 1997). Okay. Back to the 'statement'.


"We discussed the matter with Prabhupada and among ourselves, as anyone can read in "TKG's Diary." We did not go searching for a murderer because we concluded there was no murder."


Don't go rushing out to buy "TKG's Diary."The 'poison conversations' in that book have been corkscrewed (read BIF 5/2 (archives) it's free). The actual audio tapes (T-44, 45 & 46) tell us a different story. Herzig lives in the surreal world of Gurudom. There, he freely fudges fact with fiction and reaps a handsome dividend from citizens whose brains are perpetually soaked in clarified butter. In the real world, he's just another culprit whose literary offerings must be fine-tooth combed for distortions.

"Some have suggested that even if no one intentionally poisoned Prabhupada, the medicine he was given acted as "poison." I can well imagine some will hold me responsible as Prabhupada's secretary for giving him this medicine. But I was not engaged, nor were any of his servants, because of our expertise in medical knowledge"


Sounds like a plea for third degree..... manslaughter. And it may have been, had an immediate revelation proved negligence as cause. In fact, negligence to notify proper authorities of a valid complaint, bespeaks conspiracy and a cover-up. Cunning; conducive to pre-meditation. Murder in the first degree.


"All of us together did not even know one percent of what Prabhupada knew of Ayurvedic medicine."


Yes ! This reason alone should have prompted Herzig to contact authorities. Srila Prabhupada was the only one there who was schooled in the business. He had read (studied) about poisoning. He complained he was being poisoned. He related his situation to that of his Guru Maharaja whom he said was also poisoned. Yet Herzig, who admits to being a medical moon-calf: "But I was not engaged, nor were any of his servants, because of our expertise in medical knowledge,"did the exact opposite of one in his position: "We did not go searching for a murderer because we concluded there was no murder."  And the result: " Tamal Krishna Goswami (Herzig), the leader of a large number of sannyasi and brahmacari preachers, had insisted that he was now their via media in relating to Prabhupada and expected that his godbrothers follow him absolutely."


Not only was His Divine Grace deprived of proper professional care and medical attention. Not only was his medication (jungle dust) rendered ineffectual/toxic by a countering sugar diet. Not only was he denied pathological verification and legal counsel for his plaint. He was also dissuaded by negativity, innuendo, suggestion, and scare tactics, from seeking medical attention that could have extended his existence, offered a peaceful death, or reveal pathologically a conspiracy to kill. This monstrosity was identified by Srila Prabhupada eleven days before his passing: "That is my only request, that at the last stage don't torture and put me to death..." ("Conversations" 3/11/77). Here are some quotes that lay bare the scheme to obstruct certified analysis by blackballing medical process:-


Excerpts from "Conversations with Srila Prabhupada" Volume 36, and "TKG's Diary".


1) Herzig: "From the beginning you always don't like the allopathic." (46 p)

2) Svarupa Damodar: "Yes, it's a failure, allopathic treatment." (48 p)

3) Bhavananda: "I think that this doctor's desire you have seen through. His desire was to remove you from here somehow or other. First to remove you for an x-ray, then....(48 p)

4) Herzig: "Another trick they have is that you have one trouble, so they give you medicine, but the medicine cause a worse trouble. And eventually such bad trouble is created that they get you depending on them, and then they say," Now the only thing left, you must come to hospital for operation. " Then they kill you." (49 p)

5) Svarupa Damodar: " I have many medical friends. They frankly admit that often times they kill the patients in the name of treating." (49 p)

6) Adi-kesava: "Sometimes they make the operation, and they leave the knife in, and they sew the knife up inside after they make an operation. Or the scissors. They take some clamps and they sew them inside the wound. And then the man says, "Oh, I have a pain in my side. And they say, "Oh, new disease"...." (50 p)

7) Herzig: " I told you the story of my father recently, Srila Prabhupada, how he had the arthritis in the hip, so they gave him a new hip. Then it moved to the other hip, and they replaced the other hip. So after eight weeks he was in bed in the hospital, and then they said, "Now you can try to walk." So they gave him crutches, and they stood him up, and after eight weeks of all these operations, as soon as he stood up he had a heart attack and died right on the spot." (51 p)

8) Herzig: "Prabhupada had me read the letter in which Dr. Ghosh advised that he go to Jaislok hospital for a thorough check-up and treatment. Prabhupada said, "What is wrong with this proposal?" There followed a discussion about the inevitable tests. When I mentioned that they would want to give intravenous feeding, Prabhupada said, "What is the use of artificial feeding, when there is no digestion?"....[....]....Prabhupada agreed and proposed the possibility of having tests done at home, then considering further. This idea was rejected, however, because we realised that once we began, there would be no turning back. Abhiram said they would kill Prabhupada just as his father had been killed and that they had no idea of nutrition, which was the solution to the problem" (TKG's Diary: 207 p) (This was not an attack by "The Vampire Doctors." Just a check-up, at home)

9) "Dr. Gopal requested that x-rays be taken, and Prabhupada had no objection, provided the machine could be brought to his room. On Dr. Gopals leaving, however, we came into Prabhupada's room and concluded that Dr. Gopal was now simply speculating." (TKG's Diary: 287) (What does an x-ray have to do with speculating? It's speculation without it.)

10)Herzig: "Prabhupada wanted my opinion.........I said that of doctors, the kavirajas were the best." (TKG's Diary: 290)

(Herzig's latest prostate operation by allopathic doctors, tells us he's a liar. Has Herzig ever used a kaviraja?)


Here are the results of the above conversations. Excerpts from "TKG's Diary".


1) Herzig: "Srila Prabhupada has little confidence in western medicine. He understands that Krsna is the cause of all causes, and if Krsna likes, He can help him get better. Prabhupada prefers dependence on Krsna to injections and pills and other artificial methods of treatment." (9 p) (Question: Was it Krsna who spiked Srila Prabhupada with 2.6 ppm of arsenic and was later heard whispering, " The poisons going down." ???)

2) Herzig: Prabhupada said that under no condition should we ever allow anyone to take him to a hospital or administer drugs, even if he was unconscious. He would rather die." (17 p) (Comment: Is it any wonder?)

3) Herzig: "I asked whether the two doctors from Vrindavana should come. Prabhupada answered, "No. Better take your advice for kirtana." I agreed that kirtan was best because, in that way, we could ask Krsna to spare his life." (219 p) (Comment: Next time Herzig's prostate plays up, he shouldn't take the expert medical attention he's used to. Just have kirtan).

4) SP:"But don't take me to hospital." I (Herzig) said, "No, under no circumstances; even if you are unconscious, we will simply chant." (224 p)

5) SP: "If I get strength, then we can go. But any condition, don't take me to the hospital. The doctors may induce." (297 p)


Conclusion: It becomes quite apparent, the barrage of horror stories were aimed specifically at shutting out forensic intervention. Even a blind man can see, the suggestion was death rather than diagnosis. To further augment our theory, we remind readers of how 1) Dr. Ghosh's advice to go to Jaislok hospital for a check-up and treatment was trashed when Herzig painted a picture of "intravenous feeding." 2) Srila Prabhupada agreed to "tests" being done at home. But this was rejected when "we realised once we began there would be no turning back". How could a test at home take anyone to the point of no return? A further deterrent came from Abhirama who suggested "they" would kill Prabhupada just as his father had been killed. (We must remember; this is simply about doing a medical check-up at home).3) Dr. Gopal offered to do an x-ray in Prabhupada's room and "Prabhupada had no objection". But "we came into the room and decided that Dr. Gopal was speculating." To this list we would like to add 4) Dr. Khurana (an old friend of Prabhupada's) also offered to bring staff and machinery to Prabhupada's home. He agreed. However, the hospital was later informed that their services would not be required. And, in the end; Herzig won: "Srila Prabhupada is completely entrusting us with his care. All of the doctors have failed; but he fully trusts his loving devotees. He is allowing us to care for him in whatever way we think best, just as a small child would." (169 p). Back to the 'statement'.


"It was His Divine Grace who had a dream about a Kaviraja preparing a particular medicine, and it was His Divine Grace who reviewed each and every type of medicine that he was administered."


Yes, we agree, it was His Divine Grace who had a dream about a kaviraja. But it was Herzig who seized upon the dream as a substitute for certified medical diagnoses. Research reveals, that Herzig's Diary is not corroborated by documented audio data. From what we read and hear; Prabhupada is nowhere near as enthusiastic about the "dream kaviraja"as Herzig makes out.


Herzig tells us, (TKG's Diary : 291) Prabhupada: "There is no need of consulting me. I have seen a Ramanuja Vaisnava (in a dream) preparing makaradhvaja. How to do the rest, you decide."

This cannot be verified by audio evidence. Herzig's "Diary"notes this statement 23/10/77. There are no transcript available for this date. It's missing. What we have is the following. From the exchange we can see; Prabhupada is not really interested in the dream kaviraja at all :-

Herzig: "And your dream was that it was a Ramanuja kaviraja who was preparing the medicine...."

Prabhupada: "There is no treatment." (Con. Vol 36 : 59 p)

Herzig: "Do you feel that he should come and prepare it (medicine) in your presence?"

Prabhupada: "No, I have no....if he is reliable." (Con.Vol 36: 60 p)


And here, Herzig tells us Prabhupada instructed Bhakticaru to search for a Ramunaja kaviraja:-

(TKG's Diary : 289) "On Srila Prabhupada's instructions, Bhakticaru went out to search for a Ramunaja kaviraja"

And here is the correct audio transcript which tells us Prabhupada didn't instruct anyone to go search. It was Herzig making all the arrangements:-

Herzig to Prabhupada: " Well, we were thinking that some other devotee should go with him. Actually we were thinking about Bhakticaru Maharaja, being an Indian devotee, that's also one advantage..[...]...And besides that Bhakticaru Maharaja has experience with you with all of these different kavirajas....[.....].....On one hand, we didn't want to take Bhakticaru Maharaja away from you....I can see that you also don't want that." (Con. Vol 36: 60 p)


In the end, it was Herzig who suggested jungle medication for Srila Prabhupada's acute diabetes. "I said (to Prabhupada) that of doctors, the kavirajas were the best..." What ensued from that advice was (Excerpts: "TKG's Diary"):-

1) Prabhupada: "... Things are deteriorating. Weakness.....I am puzzled." (299 p).

2) Prabhupada:"That is the only hope. When I first took medicine, I thought it would give strength, but instead I am passing stool." (301 p)

3) "We had waited so long for this makaradhvaja; and now it had turned into poison" (304 p).

4) "Satadhanya had also arranged earlier for the makaradhvaja, which had proved poisonous, Srila Prabhupada noted, "Everything is being done by the same Satadhanya and people are bluffing him" ( 306 p).

5) Prabhupada:" I say no medicine.....If it is working, why I don't feel strength?" (318 p).

6) Prabhupada: " I am not improving in strength.......I can't see how I can gain strength.....But I am losing will power because practically I see I am losing my strength......I am becoming hopeless.....You may hope, but practically I am hopeless (326 p).

7) "Today, after passing stool five times, Prabhupada said that all medicine should be stopped" (329 p)

8) Herzig: "Let us call the kaviraja."Prabhupada: "What is the use?" (330 p)

9) "Prabhupada was becoming increasing weaker, despite the medicine" (332 p)

10) Prabhupada:"Someone said I have been poisoned" ( 335 p)

11) Prabhupada:"These kind of symptoms are seen when a man is poisoned" ( 336 p)

12) Prabhupada: "Now it has become unbearable. Why am I suffering like this?" (338 p).

13) Prabhupada:"Either Ravana will kill, or Rama will kill. Better to be killed by Rama" (345 p).

14) Prabhupada: "Stop the medicine." (Con: 115).

15) Prabhupada:"The kaviraja's medicine is complete failure" (215 p).


It was medication without a label, containing crushed gems, precious metals, arsenic, mercury and jungle-juice. The elixirs are compounded and distilled under hygienically outlawed conditions. By bidi-smoking-chemists with no certified recognition. And, dispensed by 'doctors' with even less. The truth is; what happened to His Divine Grace, amounts to frustration, deception, extortion and negligence......Oh yes, and poisoning. Finally, it would appear, the penny dropped with Herzig, but he did nothing to change the crime-scene. 14) Herzig: "Yes. First we had that Madhva...not Madhva. Ramanuji came from Sri Rangaji temple, and he seemed to be a cheater. Then this one....We got this medicine from that sakta-kaviraja, and that medicine turned out to be poison. And now this kaviraja.." (Con: 149). And in the end, Herzig's "dream kaviraja" appeared. Herzig: " I may not be an expert judge, but I have never seen, in my opinion, anyone who seemed to be this good." (Con:188). "Good at what," we ask......."poisons?" (check T-45/B). He showed up on 30th Oct ' 77 and promised to cure Srila Prabhupada in fifteen days. Herzig: "Now this man said in fifteen days Prabhupada would be better" (Con: 205). In exactly fifteen days; on Nov: 14th ' 77...................

(Note: On any given day, the Nilratan Sarkar, Dufferin and B. R. Singh Outpatients (Kolkata), will deal with forty/fifty 'kavirajas' seeking allopathic treatment). Back to the 'statement'.


"Still, no medicine "killed" Srila Prabhupada."


True. Very true. Medicines cure. Poisons kill. Nor is anyone saying that medicines killed Srila Prabhupada. What is being said by expert forensic results is, "Poison killed Srila Prabhupada."Yet, we often hear (in publications and on tape) as we do here, Herzig's inability to differentiate between the two. It could prove fatal for a patient dependant on a 'nurse' with such an idiosyncrasy. Would it not?....Did it?.


"His Divine Grace said that Krishna had given him the decision whether to stay or not."


Yes !! And Krsna did want Prabhupada to stay. Here is the evidence, in Prabhupada's own words (TKG's Diary: 153):-

Herzig:"But the astrologer said you could live beyond the six months."

Prabhupada:"That depends on Krsna's desire."

Herzig:" Do you have any indication whether Krsna wants you to live?"

Prabhupada: " The indication is that He wants me to live."


Okay. So the next question is: if Krsna wanted Srila Prabhupada to live, why didn't he? Once again, we use Herzig's words to find the answer (TKG's Diary: 246):-

Herzig: "We don't can't leave us now."

Prabhupada:"I don't want, but if there is force...."


So, Krsna wanted His Divine Grace to stay, and Srila Prabhupada also wanted to stay, then, who used ' force' to make him go? Since Herzig heard and understood everything with such utter transcendence, maybe he can answer the question. Besides, he was the fully cognisant secretary, and shameless challenger for sole inheritance of Prabhupada's assets. Surely, he has all the answers?


"It is most unfair to say that any one of us who were serving him was praying for his untimely departure (what to speak of orchestrating it). Again and again we begged Prabhupada to stay with us, even offered our life in exchange for his, as any good disciple would do."


Enough with the theatrics. His Divine Grace was being fed poisonous-voodoo-elixirs constantly (not just for one day as claimed by some). He knew it and tried on several occasions to stop it. No one listened. His Divine Grace wanted to go on parikrama. He said he would be cured. No one listened. He asked that he be taken out in the fresh air. No one listened. He was denied proper medical attention. Medical check-ups. Blood tests. Cardiograph tests. He was denied a trained dietician. He said that he was being poisoned. No one listened. His' death' was a convenience, just as its investigation is proving an inconvenience to his 'inheritors.' We would most certainly have believed the "offered our life" drivel, if something positive was done. But nothing ever was. It was then, as it is now; a farce.


"Prabhupada repeatedly said that he was living simply due to our love and affection."


Thanks for telling us what kept him alive. Now, we would like to know who killed him? How did the arsenic get into him? Why was Herzig whispering, "The poisons going down", when His Divine Grace was being fed sweetened milk? (Confirmed by three individual forensic reports). Why was he being fed a toxic diet? Why did Herzig say (on tape) that His Divine Grace requested to be murdered (poisoned) by Herzig? Why has Herzig's "Ministry for the Protection of ISKCON" produced a book riddled with deceptions for his protection? Why won't Herzig and the whispering cabal take polygraph tests? Voice stress analysis tests? And make legal statements?


"He said that his Guru Maharaja passed away dissatisfied, but that he was completely satisfied."


His Guru Maharaja was not just dissatisfied when he passed away, he was also poisoned: "I mentioned that one Sankaracarya had been poisoned. Prabhupada said, 'My Guru Maharaja also."' (TKG's Diary: 336). As for Srila Prabhupada being completely satisfied ; we beg to differ. To substantiate our claim, we could produce a whole bunch of quotes (we already have). But this report is heretofore too bulky. Anyway, we have made our point.


"No one, he said, could ever hope to have such loving sons and daughters as he had. He left us because he chose to leave. He left because Krsna called him back."


No! He left because he was poisoned. The forensics (audio/EHA) prove it. He never chose to leave. He was forced. Srila Prabhupada can be heard on tape often saying that his work was incomplete, and he would like to stay a little longer to finish it. And why would Krsna call him back? He knows how needed Prabhupada is. Herzig doesn't. If he did, he would have made proper arrangements before, and followed due process after, to insure that His Divine Grace received proper attention, and his assets were not looted by greedy ambitious golliwogs (with him as ringleader).

"That is the plain truth and anything else is a concoction."


Herzig is a plain-truth-Pinocchio. Except that his nose doesn't grow. His growth appears on another organ. To understand how Herzig does his hocus-pocus, please read BIF5/2 (archives).
"Prabhupada's servants dedicated the better part of their lives to serving Srila Prabhupada. We served him during his manifest pastimes right up until the end. It was not easy to serve His Divine Grace during the last year of his failing health. It was not easy to see his body wither, his resolve to continue on, wane. By his mercy alone we stayed by him throughout this difficult time and performed every possible service, collecting his urine, removing his stool, bathing him, changing his clothes and bedding, but most of all encouraging him to continue on."


This is why Herzig and Co. saw the 'inheritance' as their right. Quid-pro-quo. Tradition sanctioned it. Supporters condoned it. Godbrothers wanted it. The three world were waiting for it. Sanity demanded it. So when His Divine Grace put a spoke in it, he just had to go.


"It has come as a most cruel blow to be suspected of having been moved by any other motive than love in serving our dear most spiritual master."


It is not suspicion any longer. Prabhupada said he was poisoned (TKG: 340), everyone there accepted it without question (T-45/B).Arsenic was found in his hair clippings (confirmed by forensic analysis. VNN5599 / 5605). Whispers around his death-bed, revealed (by three separate forensic analysts) a conspiracy to poison him ( Mitchell /Macaffery/ Owens). He was entombed (illegally) without a death certificate. Furthermore, Herzig claimed (taped conversation. 11/77) that Prabhupada requested to be euthanised by him. Also, and of grave importance, there was very strong motive for murder.
"The facts will speak for themselves. In the coming days and months all the allegations of poisoning will be shown to be allegations and nothing more."


The facts are speaking for themselves right now ! We know now of the negligence. We know now, that his 'nurses' were knowingly or unknowingly killing him with a toxic diet. We know now of the deprivation. We know now, that ill-advice and doggedness forced His Divine Grace to digest poison in the guise of medication. We know now, he had arsenic in his hair, twenty times higher than normal. We know now, that the whisperers at his bedside were involved in a plot to poison him. We also know, that for twenty years, all attempts were made to keep this knowledge underground. And we know now, that all attempts to bring evidence into the open is being sabotaged by GBC propaganda. We know now.


Tamala Krsna: Put poison in different containers. That's all right. - [(((audio)))]

"Then I hope that those who have falsely accused me and others will have the decency to admit that they were wrong and beg forgiveness, not from us, but from Srila Prabhupada, whose sublime final pastimes they have attempted to tarnish."


The only ones that have falsely accused Herzig, are those who call him "guru". They will, one day, beg forgiveness from Prabhupada for deserting him in favour of this man, who evidently, could be the murderer of His Divine Grace. Srila Prabhupada's lila, no matter what, could never be tarnished. His body of work speaks for itself. But Herzig's lila.....we must make sure it ends the way it should.

"Begging to always be a servant of the Vaisnavas,"


Servant of the Vaisnavas?? Who has this Shylock served without demanding his pound of flesh? Herzig has always been a one-man-agenda. His 'nursing' of Prabhupada nabbed him an inheritance. His lectures exact a heavy toll from those who believe he is an 'appointed acarya'. Herzig has squeezed Prabhupada's ISKCON like a grape to make his heady wine. And he drinks his fill like a dipsomaniac.

"Tamal Krishna Goswami"


Who was born Thomas Herzig. An unknown. Picked off the street by a saint and nurtured by his mercy. Now suspected of murder for gain. Ashes to ashes. Dust to the monkey. We all know Herzig's a power-junkie. Soon, he'll be hanging out in hell with an all time low.




Much has been said about Herzig's intelligence. Most of it (indirectly) by Herzig himself. His 'disciples' lap it up. After all, if one is initiated by an erudite scholar, there's a good possibility of imbibing the same qualities. So, for those expectant recipients, we give you, "Herzig's Follies." A hanging and quartering of poetic licence.


Excerpts from, "The Final Pastimes of Srila Prabhupada." (A play composed by Herzig).

ACT 111.


Director: " The sky of Kuruksetra was ablaze As Bhisma faced Arjuna's angry rays."


Question: Where can we find some bonafide reference to these angry rays referred to by Herzig. What was it? Where did Arjuna get it? Was it radioactive? And why has no one ever mentioned it before?


"Please hear how Bhisma met his doom, Eclipsing Krsna and Arjun'."


Question: Is there any preceptor (from any sampradaya) who has described Bhismadeva's passing as 'doom' ? We have checked with Collins, Websters, Funk & Wagnalls, Chambers and Oxford, and can assure readers, it is the worst possible word to describe the passing of this particular mahajana. Hereare the different meanings of the word "doom" :- a) Inescapable death, ruin, or other unpleasant fate b) To pronounce judgement or sentence upon ; condemn. c) To destine to an unhappy fate....death or ruin. And how is it that Bhisma "eclipses Krsna and Arjun" with all this misfortune surrounding him ? Doesn't say much for Nara Narayana does it ? If you think Herzig doesn't know what he's talking about; you're right. Read on.


(Bhisma enters dancing in a chivalrous mood and hurling weapons in all directions)


"Behold his battle dance unleash a scourge Of weapons wielded to a deadly dirge."


Not even Herzig's "Speaks not of truth but suits poetic vogue" can pardon this finger-down-throat-excuse for poetry. Once again, we find ourselves looking at the dictionary: "Scourge"from Latin excoriare, to flay or whip. So, now Bhisma's hurling weapons are really flaying whips. Okay. Then, we move to the next line only to discover that the hurling weapons / whips, are being wielded to a deadly dirge. the dictionary: "Dirge" from Latin dirige. a) A funeral song or hymn b) A slow sad song or piece of music c) A song or melody expressing mourning. So, Herzig wants us to imagine Bhismadeva doing a battle dance, hurling weapons around that are really flaying whips, and he's doing all this to a deadly sad song. Wow ! It's gotta be spiritual, or this emperor ain't wearing no clothes. There's more:-


"Beheaded victims rush down streams of blood. Their heads float bloated, fishlike, in the flood."


Whaaaaaat? Decapitated heads bloated, fishlike, in the flood? How can a head, with its seven openings, bloat? And look fishlike, in the flood ? Who, besides Herzig, has a bloated head that could look fishlike, in the flood (black spot and all)? Another point: either the heads are floating down streams of blood or rivers of blood. they could not possibly be floating down streams of the flood. We acknowledge the desperation for rhyme, but, flooded streams are called rivers. Ask anyone. Still, It isn't as criminal as thinking poison is medicine.


Dronacarya: " Not so ! Sikhandi's bowstrings mock your word, Mocks wooingly like a ladybird."


What does Herzig think a ladybird is? A cooing, wooing, promiscuous turtle dove? A female disciple perhaps? No. It's a tiny little beetle that isn't equipped to display any mocking or wooing at all. Nor are we equipped to see it if it does. Its fertility signals are scent based. The only indication that these insects have any emotion at all, is when they are see flying piggy-back from bush to bush. Unless of course, Herzig's chased them around with a magnifying glass, seeing things no one else has.


Bhisma (to Sakhandi): "A woman faced, effaces dignity."


Nonsense ! How dare Herzig attribute such a misogynistic statement to this noble mahajan ! Here is what Bhismadeva said to Sikhandi :- " O prince of the Panchalas, even if you attack me, I will never fight back, for I still consider you to be female whom the Creator originally fashioned." (Bhisma parva 6).


Dronacarya (fearing for Bhisma's safety): "Away ! Make haste ! Arjuna's wrath assail !


What in the name of God, is Herzig trying to tell us? We understand (but do not agree) with the concept. Dronacarya's scared, he wants Bhismadeva to do a runner and do it quick. Okay. But then Herzig adds, "Arjuna's wrath assail." Now, why is Dronacarya advising Bhisma to make a run for it, and in the same sentence, instructing him to assail (attack) Arjuna's wrath ? And why not just, flat tack, assail Arjuna ? Why assail his wrath ? It's an enigma. Unless,...... unless Herzig doesn't know the meaning of the word 'assail.' Using it instead of the word "assuage" :- to calm, mollify.


Whether we are right or wrong, Herzig is definitely wrong. In the end, his idiosyncrasy for substitution, may have carried all the way to gurudom. Now he feels mentally assured in his role as a substitute for His Divine Grace.


Thank you Prabhus and Matas for bearing with us through this long report.
After a whole week of wallowing in Herzig's mind, it's time to throw up and take a shower.

Hare Krsna. YS BIF


We highly recommend that readers should hear the whispers for themselves also.


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Tamala Krsna:
Put poison in different containers. That's all right.
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