Published by: Prabhupada Anti-Defamation Association (PADA)

Please Note: THIS IS AN ACCURATE ACCOUNT OF THE HORRID ISKCON HISTORY. No part is invented, fabricated or fictional. Every statement is truthfully recorded through witness accounts by different devotees and ISKCON's GBC body itself.


Chapter One – Gurus or Pedophiles?
1.1 Molesters in the pure guru lineage?
1.2 Three pillars of eternal contamination
1.3 Rationalizations: cart before the horse
1.4 Used car salesmen
1.5 Big stick argument

Chapter Two – Historical Links
2.1 Which GBCs say that child molesters were gurus?
2.2 Illegitimate authority
2.3 X-rated GBC guru history 2.4 Children’s molestation overlooked
2.5 More examples
2.6 Molesters, their Founding Fathers and reinstators: certify more gurus

Chapter Three – More unwholesomeness
3.1 Marriage breaking preaching
3.2 Women’s collecting parties

Chapter Four – A Brief History of the “Pure Gurus”

Chapter Five – Quotes on Homosexuality

Chapter Six – Conclusion



Child Molesters: Gurus?


The sad truth of the [false] Hare Krishna movement’s (ISKCON’s) allegedly “worshippable pure guru lineage,” is that it is still solidly linked to its incontrovertible history of disciple and child sexual molestation. In short, the false leaders say that those who are allegedly “equal in purity to Jesus or God,” simultaneously may be prone to become sexual predators -even- of children (pedophiles). Moreover, it is well know that “one becomes what one worships.” Thus, by forcing children to worship homosexual pedophiles, this activity has spread widely within ISKCON. Child molesters have thus been protected, facilitated, covered-up for, sympathized with, and even: worshipped as pure as God. This naturally creates nests and webs of pedophiles in an ever expanding infrastructure and so on. Worse, some of the false gurus, even those who “dated” their minor aged school children, are given huge financial rewards and are not prosectuted legally.

Experts on child molestation would call the GBC’s post-1977 guru lineage “the cult enforced ritualistic worship of homosexual pedophiles.” Since the molestation problem is now viewed as “part and parcel” of the deviant’s “pure guru lineage,” the result has been pervasive molestation, and sexual deviants continue to infiltrate the society on many other levels. A “guru lineage” is literally a “disciple chain,” passing down its influences from each member to every other link in that chain. After 1977, the “Governing Body Commission” (GBC) deviants established that homosexual pedophiles, disciple molesters, criminals, even murderers, are “links in the pure devotee guru lineage and shall be worshipped henceforward as good as God and Jesus.” And this homosexual pedophile lineage worship has been enforced militantly and violently by GBC policy. When it was clearly established that homosexual pedophiles were in the deviant’s “guru lineage,” at least by 1986, they did not remove these deviants. Rather, the GBC re-certified a known pedophile and simultaneously gave their rubber stamp certification to “vote in” another wave of gurus. Even today (1999) the pedophile and deviant nest’s Founding Fathers, protectors and reinstators are now considered as the “current lineage links.” Thus, unwholesome influences always continue to surface.

First, some deviant (GBC) leaders falsely claimed to be the founder’s (A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada’s) “guru successors,” then the same persons orchestrated a network of disciple and child molestation (nests) all over the world. In order to maintain this false standard, a ruthless purge of most of Srila Prabhupada’s original followers was implemented. Indeed, ninety-five percent of the original followers were viciously driven out, and sometimes banned, beaten, threatened with death and some were assassinated. Yet, the Founding Fathers of this corruption are still worshipped today as if they are “as pure as God,” or directly comparable to Lord Jesus Christ.

The ongoing dark cloud (1978 to the present) of widespread incidences of homosexuality, child (or disciple) molestation, marriage breaking preaching, purges, murders, and so forth, can still be directly and indirectly linked to ISKCON’s current alleged “pure guru lineage.” This leaves much to be desired for those whom they are supposed to protect and guide.

For example (according to one ex-teacher) at the Gita Nagari farm (a Pennsylvania project under the supervision of the alleged guru “Satsvarupa Dasa Goswami”) every single child that he sent to the Vrindavana (India) school was molested. Later, a molested child from Vrindavana came back to Gita Nagari and he molested many of the children there. Other Gita Nagari related molestations were reported as well. Yet, before Satsvarupa Dasa Goswami ordered his zone’s children to go to Vrindavana, he first of all had to “purify” the school there. Thus, he personally assisted in the permanent banishment of the good (non-molester) teachers in Vrindavana, who had been personally installed there by Srila Prabhupada himself. Then he helped, with dogmatic writing and preaching, to establish his homosexual molester “guru brothers” as the “pure and perfect” gurus for the Vrindavana school.

Satsvarupa Swami has been perhaps the most prolific writer among the molester guru nest’s Founding Fathers. He wrote reams and reams of “position papers” adamantly instructing everyone that such homosexuals, disciple molesters, pedophiles, wife stealer (et al.) “gurus” must be worshipped as infallible and pure. Despite his direct implication in fostering their ever-expanding cloud of molestation, punctuated by murder of dissidents, he and his “Founding Fathers of molestation” “guru brothers” are still worshipped as if they are “as good as God.”

At the moment, a former ISKCON teacher estimates that “more than one-thousand molestations” have taken place under the GBC guru’s regime. Thus the guru’s ever-expanding molestation cloud has spread to every nook and cranny of the society: New Vrindavana (West Virginia), Vrindavana and Mayapura (India), New Mayapura (France), Australia, California, Dallas, Oklahoma, Vancouver, and so on and so forth.

Srila Prabhupada, the founder of the Krishna movement, had always said that the bona fide guru must be a perfected, self-realized soul. He also said that anyone who thought that gurus are contaminated were possessed of “hellish mentality.” In order to further rationalize how their gurus become fallen, pedophiles, or even demons, the GBC’s “gurus” had a self-titled “guru reform” in 1986. Yet the underlying idea, that molesters are or were links a chain “as good as Jesus and God” remains unchanged. Of course, the molester guru’s Founding Fathers ARE still as good as God, and are worshiped as greater than Jesus, even today.

Chapter One – Gurus or Pedophiles?

1.1) Molesters in the “Pure Guru Lineage”?

The post-1977 “guru project” of the false Krishna consciousness movement claims to be the “continuation” of a 5,000-year-old “pure guru lineage.” Up to 1977, this lineage (“guru parampara“) was always completely free from all defects, illusion, cheating, sensory imperfections; and what to speak of immorality.

Yet, the alleged post-1977 guru succession (created by ISKCON’s Governing Body Commission or GBC) contains every horrific device known to man. This includes theft, drugs, homosexuality, pedophilia, sex with disciples, perhaps even the AIDS virus, repressive cover-ups, murder of dissenters, “gurus” breaking up marriages, pervasive molestations in the GBC’s schools, and so on and so forth. To cover this up, the GBC has orchestrated excommunications, beatings, murders, and so forth. The molestation, excommunications and malevolent, oftentimes potentially violent mood, still goes on today.

1.2) Three Pillars of “Eternal” Contamination?

There are three fundamental (even if unstated) components to the GBC’s “eternal guru lineage” which this essay will briefly address:

1) That known child molesters “were gurus

2) That the Founding Fathers, sustainers, even reinstators of known child and disciple molesters ARE still considered as today’s pure gurus, and

3) That the molesters themselves and their Founding Fathers and reinstators could have “certified one hundred more gurus.” It is on this rather shaky foundation that the GBC’s guru lineage rests. When we asked the Los Angeles temple authorities to sign a document that the three above listed contaminations above are not found in a pure guru lineage, they refused to sign it, and moreover they called us “shit morons” for even expecting that people worshipped like Jesus should be free of the above defects.

1.3) Rationalizations: Cart Before Horse

Before we start, it must be stated that for the past twelve years many have tried to resolve these issues with the GBC body. For example, how did the lineage, which has experienced zero molesters from 5,000 years ago up to 1977, all of a sudden contain a number of molesters and their founders and re-instators? The GBC itself always responds to any questions on this issue by simply refusing to discuss their activities, history, qualifications and so on. Of course they may also respond by threatening violence. Instead, they neatly divert the argument to “what official title shall our GBC’s gurus call themselves?” In short, they argue about their titles (or name of their product), while absolutely refusing to discuss what their product actually is. While the traditional lineage is based on verified absolute purity, the GBC’s is based on rhetorical constructs and strong armed tactics.

1.4) Used Car Salesmen?

The openly stated policy of the GBC is that they refuse to guarantee that any of their gurus are bona fide – and not molesters. As, for example, leaders such as Trivrikrama swami, Jayadvaita Swamis, and GBC documents state, “the GBC policy is ‘buyer beware.” In short, they are free to advertise their “GBC certified” gurus to be “as pure as Jesus and God Himself.” Then they will demand, even militantly enforce, that their alleged guru be worshipped as such, but their alleged Christ-like pure guru may be, simultaneously, by their own admissions and document’s descriptions, “demoniac,” even, a disciple molester or homosexual pedophile.

Thus the GBC argument (which focuses exclusively on the title of the potential representative) neatly circumvents the original questions: what is the actual lineage itself in the first place? Isn’t the guru lineage or parampara, as Prabhupada himself always said, eternal, unbroken and uncontaminated? Their tactic is intentionally directed to bog one down into the quicksand of their alleged titles, nomenclatures, official positions, ecclesiastical authority, and so on, and so forth. Meanwhile the fundamental issue is, “why does the GBC insist that child molesters were gurus, their Founding Fathers and re-instators are the GBC’s current gurus, and how could the molesters themselves – and/or their Founding Fathers and re-instators – have voted in more gurus?” These questions go on, not only unanswered, but never even discussed.

1.5) “Big Stick” Argument

Of course those of us who propound the idea of worshipping the non-molester lineage, who agree with Srila Prabhupada that the lineage is never contaminated are oftentimes militantly “banned” from temples, some devotees have been beaten up, and there have been murders as well. This GBC guru tactic has worked well to suppress the “unanswered questions” regarding their authority, and maintain their artificial and degraded guru lineage.

Chapter Two: Historical Links

2.1) Many official GBC Journals, newsletters, reports, and other documents state that their gurus may fall down, they even state that persons who are worshipped as pure as Jesus may even become demons. For example, a recent article penned by Jayadvaita Swami in the society’s (official GBC) “Back To Godhead” magazine states, “some gurus fell by the wayside.” Jayadvaita also says that his GBC gurus, worshipped like Jesus, have engaged in “illicit sex with men, women and possibly children as well.” Of course, then Jayadvaita was “voted in as guru” by the homosexual pedophile re-coronators himself. As every Krishna devotee knows, many of these alleged GBC gurus “fell” into affairs, not only with female students and already married disciples, and sometimes pedophile homosexuality. It seems they have completely forgotten that Srila Prabhupada had always stated that an actually bona fide guru would never fall down.

Illegitimate Authority
The GBC maintains that Srila Prabhupada had wanted these unqualified persons to be his “appointed successors,” but he had always condemned “guru appointments,” which he disdainfully referred to as “rubber stamping a guru.” The only evidence of this “appointment” was a spliced-up tape recording, lasting about two minutes, which is full of clicks, changes in background noise and voice distortions. This tape was subsequently found to be falsified, by the professional audio lab of Normal Perle.

After the limited release of the audio “appointment” tape, the tape was confirmed to have been spliced by an audio expert. Some GBC’s had control of the archives, the technology, and certainly the desire and ability to change tapes. Ravindra Swarupa Dasa also admitted that he received a “more complete” version of the tape in 1985, which allegedly contained some of the originally deleted material.

There are also four separate written versions of the “tape transcript” in various GBC documents. Moreover, most of the original eleven “gurus” have now admitted that the whole appointment scheme was a hoax. Yet, the society still worships some of the original guru hoax cheaters.

There is also considerable evidence of GBC tampering with the final instructions of Srila Prabhupada. Apart from modifying tapes, some GBCs hid all of Srila Prabhupada’s letters and conversations (especially the crucial ones from 1977), and other related material. Other “secret final instructions to the GBC” are also suspect. For example, they claimed that Srila Prabhupada had privately ordered them to consult their Navadvipa advisor, but then later claimed that Prabhupada had never said that, and that the advisor was in fact “a demon who was trying to usurp Prabhupada’s movement.”

Next, he clearly stated that he had not appointed, nor would he appoint any successors, just two weeks before he left his body. Moreover, Srila Prabhupada had consistently stated, all along, that bona fide gurus are not established by any ecclesiastical appointments or voting.

Indeed, there is not even one single precedent, in the entire 5,000-year history of the bona fide guru lineage, of any guru being appointed or “voted in,” especially by any managerial Governing Body council – ever. Yet, the 1986 GBC report says that the GBC has “voting procedures – for the guru candidate – who will be established by the (GBC’s) voting members.”

Even if the deviant Gaudiya Matha and GBC idea of “voting in God’s pure representative” could somehow or other be screwed out of Prabhupada’s words, (the GBC has thus far not produced even one quote where he authorized this process) why would the GBC then select some molester gurus and their Founding Fathers to be the “qualified voters for pure devotee gurus“? And how could molester gurus and their Founder Fathers have “voted in more pure devotee successors to Krishna” in the first place? And why would a real pure devotee want to be rubber stamped as guru by molester gurus or their Founder Fathers? Worse, one will be banned, excommunicated, if not beaten up, by the GBC’s fanatical and sometimes violent followers, if one does not agree with all of the above dubious principles. In short, the worship of molesters as gurus has been enforced with vicious dogmatic preaching if not actual violence.

NO RESPONSE. Thus, we have questioned a wide spectrum of GBC authorities, and up to 1999, not one single one of them has ever successfully proven the GBC premise: “child molesters (are or) were gurus.” They have not even given even one quote from any of Prabhupada’s seventy volumes of books to substantiate such a deviant guru process.

2.3) X-rated GBC “Guru History.”

What kind of people does the GBC consider as its “guru lineage links“? Who “are or were (some of their alleged pure as Jesus) GBC lineage gurus?” According to internal GBC reports, public GBC Journals,” “ISKCON World Review,” “Back To Godhead Magazine and other documents, some of their “gurus” include the likes of Bhavananda dasa. He engaged in homosexual acts with young boys in the Krishna follower’s sanctified land. He orally copulated adult taxi drivers in Vrindavana as well. He was militantly established by the GBC as “a pure devotee guru,” and then backed by most of the other “gurus.” He created widespread nests of child molesters in ISKCON India’s schools. He was also reportedly visiting gay bars all over the world.

One of his “disciples” has already died from the AIDS virus. Another of his “associates” is HIV positive. Nirantara dasa (a current Los Angeles temple authority) even sang a song (1986?): “There is homosex (pedophilia?) in the holy dham,” with reference to some of the GBC gurus and their odious entourage. Yet, according to the current GBC, Bhavananda “was their guru who helped certify the current pure GBC gurus“? Amala Bhakta dasa, another Los Angeles temple authority, says that Srila Prabhupada appointed homosexuals as his guru successors. When we asked him to prove that, and stated that we are going to quote his name on this (unsubstantiated) idea, he called us up and said we were pieces of shit who were going to ruin his tape sales business. In other words, he is not concerned that the guru lineage is linked to child molestation, he is concerned that his endorsement of that lineage will cost him some money.

First of all, in 1979, the GBC (then controlled by the eleven gurus) cleared the field for Bhavananda’s molester nests in India, by kicking out, even threatening to kill, the good teachers in Vrindavana – for example, Yasodanandana dasa and Dr. Sharma, under whose care no molestations were reported. Moreover, Srila Prabhupada had personally ordered these two teachers to care for his school in Vrindavana. Yet the GBC ousted them, and these original teachers are still vilified by various GBC’s for “not accepting the GBC’s (molester) guru lineage (parampara).”

Worse, the geographical area which Srila Prabhupada had planned to be the foremost exemplary “model spiritual city” (Sridham Mayapura, West Bengal India), is the same area the GBC handed over to Bhavananda for his absolute and perverted rule. Even recently (1998), Harikesha swami stated that he will not visit Mayapura until all the molesters are removed. That means molesters have been there for more than twenty years. Worse, the co-leader of Mayapura, Jayapataka swami, has been linked to the beatings of dissidents to his molester infrastructure at Mayapura. Even one of the ex-GBC’s named Atreya Rishi, stated that he would be beaten up with sticks from Jayapataka’s violent goons if he objected to the molester program there. In short, the molester worship infrastructure has been protected by violence. And that is why the GBC’s program is called “the enforced cult ritualistic worship of homosexual pedophiles.”

The GBC gave the deviant Bhavananda almost limitless power by artificially declaring that he was Prabhupada and Krishna’s living successor guru.” “The eleven gurus placed their worst sexual deviant and elitist to be worshipped as a person far greater than the Pope, and to be in charge of Prabhupada’s most sensitive and important project, and incidentally, some very large schools. The GBC simultaneously made Kirtanananda’s “New Vrindavana” (West Virginia) project their pet “model city” project in the USA. And this project evolved into another homosexual pedophile nest building situation.

Before going further, we shall substantiate the GBC’s odious position of supporting the worship of known deviants by quoting from an internal report presented to the GBC in 1986. “First of all Bhavananda was caught having anal sex with a young boy in Mayapura. (Tamal Krishna covered up this incident according to Yasodanandana dasa). Bhavananda’s history is alleged to include his being present when the underground pornographic movie ‘Chelsea Girls’ was filmed, in which the ‘girls’ are actually homosexuals. This movie is full of grotesque homosexual relations like oral sex, anal sex, etc. The notorious Andy Warhol worked on it, and Bhavananda is said to be his friend. (

“The next known case was in 1983, the one with the taxi driver (a chauffeur hired by the Vrindavana temple). This taxi driver also admitted he was having homosexual relations with Bhavananda’s appointed temple president for the Vrindavana temple as well.

“Bhavananda was riding in the taxi and he grabbed the driver’s genital and began working it. Being a pimp, the driver just smiled and kept driving. Later Bhavananda paid this driver 300 rupees to let him suck the driver’s genital. They went on to Delhi and he did it again and Bhavananda gave the taxi driver another 200 rupees.

The report details more “genital sucking” performed on the taxi driver and anal sex. Bhavananda praised the size of the driver’s genitals. Shortly afterwards Jagat Guru, Bhagavan, Mukunda, Sivarama, Tamal Krishna and Ramesvara Swamis were all given reports of these incidents. They said they would handle it. Giriraja Swami was then called in to make further investigations, and he concluded that the stories were true. Yet, somehow or other, the issue mysteriously remained dead in the water.

Of course the investigation had to be reopened shortly thereafter. A black devotee named Krishnacharana dasa complained that the GBC’s “guru” Bhavananda, had sexually assaulted him in Vrindavana. This devotee also confirmed that Bhavananda liked to swallow semen after he had “sucked on other’s genitals.”

The document continues with the caption: “A Trail of Degradation” stating, “Everyone has noticed that whenever there is a homosexual in his zone, he gets the favor of Bhavananda. In summary, in the next few years that Bhavananda managed Vrindavana, he established a number of homosexual and other fallen people as his main men and admirers. A homosexual man was brought in, and the man’s son was soon caught engaging in homosexual acts. The temple guard was a homosexual. A boy from the goshala was caught engaging in homosexual acts. The temple president was a homosexual.

“Mayapura has the longest and darkest history of homosexuality. Bhavananda (backed by the majority of the GBC) runs a very tight ship of fallen souls there, starting with Satadhanya, who for a long time was having sex with men and women (remember he was supposed to be a celibate sannyasi). Just last year Satadhanya had homosexual relations with a young boy who had to go to the hospital for stitches in his anus. One of Jayapataka’s disciples admitted that Satadhanya had sex with him in Prabhupada’s room in Calcutta.

NOTE: The GBC claims it was “unaware of the molestation developments in India.” But here we find that these activities were going on for a “long” and “dark” period of time. Some people thus joke, “if they did not know, they must have been hiding in a cave in Borneo.” Also, there were always rumors of an “anal reconstructive surgery epidemic” among the children circulated around this time? “If only one in ten of the rumors in relation to Nitaichand’s homosexuality are true, there is plenty to around. He was seen by a disciple of Tamal Krishna Swami, named Damodara dasa, having sex in his room with a young boy devotee. He is always surrounded by an entourage of young boys massaging him and doing all kids of services and favors. Stories of his stealing of the temple’s funds abound.”

NOTE: Kirtanananda Swami was also surrounded by an entourage of young boys, sometimes fifty or more, massaging him in public. This was an everyday public occurrence, yet the GBCs claimed later that they “did not know it was happening.” His “massages by boys” was even filmed by Jane Wallace of CBS news and was viewed by 23 million people. She asked me why this religion worships homosexual pedophiles? She was able to size up and realize that the GBC had created a violent pedophile worshipping cult in about thirty seconds, as soon as she saw Kirtanananda in his seat covered with the hands of boys who were petting him? And some GBC were singing the praises of Kirtanananda at this time? Later, Kirtanananda was carried on a palanquin by people like Umapati. Umapati also went to prison to reward the murderer of Sulochana by making him a swami in the jail. And so the GBC rewarded this pedophile palanquin carrier, and murderer apologist, by making him one of their current “gurus.” The 1986 report continues:

“Just last Kartikka (November 1985), three brahmacharis from Mayapura came to Vrindavana to do service, and within a week all three were found to be homosexuals. Two days after their arrival, two of them started sticking their hands onto the Vrindavana gurukula student’s genitals in the kitchen. The students ran off to tell their teachers. People wonder how so many of the people coming from Mayapura are homosexuals.

“Older devotees who have resided in Mayapura say that a good percentage of the men at Mayapura engage in homosexual affairs. On one occasion in 1982, one of the Mayapura gurukula ashrama teachers named Antaryami Krishna was seen by a new student having sex with another boy in the ashrama. In order to prevent this new boy from telling anyone, the teacher beat him very badly in the back and told him not to tell anyone. Some three days later the welts on his back started to go septic and the boy was brought to Mr. Kanva for medical treatment. Mr. Kanva was so shocked that he demanded that the boy tell him the whole story.

“Due to Kanva and another devotee protesting to Bhavananda the teacher was finally removed. It is also a fact, obvious to anyone who cares to inquire, that the (school) ashrama teacher in charge of all the small boys as of the current (1985) festival is also a homosexual.

NOTE: It was known that Bhavananda had set up groups of molester “school teachers” and other temple authorities. Many young boys were molested, and then threatened, beaten and sometimes sent to hospitals for “anal surgery.” There are also many other stories of beatings and harassment of children, from around the world, and GBC guru cover-up attempts.

“So we have Bhavananda doing it and having it done all around him. He also travels through Singapore and Thailand alone with Bala. Both of these places are notorious for the wide ranges of prostitution that they offer. Often when Bhavananda visits Los Angeles, a host of homosexual fringies, who are otherwise never around, show up to go out for a ride with him. Recently in New York, some Bhavananda disciples said that Bhavananda approached a boy for gross sex there, but he would not submit. NOTE: This is a key point to understand. Wherever Bhavananda went he spread his influence, namely pedophile homosexuality, all around. This was well known. The report say these incidents were “obvious to anyone who cares to inquire.” Yet the GBC pretended to be oblivious to it.

“The above information is just the tip of the iceberg and is simply meant to create a picture of what is going on. There is more information available and much more can be dug up without much endeavor.” (From a report submitted to the GBC’s gurus for their 1986 meeting.)

NOTE: In short, the homosexuality and molestation increased by geometrical progression all over India, Australia and wherever Bhavananda travelled. Simultaneously, the largest GBC-backed USA project, New Vrindavana, became another homosexual and pedophile nest.

An interesting side point there is that according to various reports Nitaichand dasa was already famous in his local district to be a dangerous “goonda,” or violent criminal, way before he even met Bhavananda. We have heard reports from the followers of “Sridhara Maharaja” that the GBC was considering using this Nitaichand dasa to “blow up the temple” of one of the GBC’s former “advisors,” an elderly and respectable gentleman living in Navadvipa who was also Srila Prabhupada’s Godbrother

We once asked a lone-wolf GBC named Atreya Rishi, often vilified by the other GBCs, why he did not oppose the molester guru situation in India. He said that this Nitaichand dasa would have him beaten, perhaps to death, if he ever proposed that anything was wrong there. He admitted that it was known to the GBC that this Nitaichand was a molester himself. He also said, “Nitaichand has at least fifty of his violent gangster friends at the Mayapura temple, they’ll beat me if I say anything.” He also said, “The GBC backs Nitaichand and Bhavananda,” and “Tamal Krishna is a demon because he backs Bhavananda, knowing that he is creating all this homosexuality.”

In another document, prepared by Yashomatinandana dasa, it says: “Just last year, the entire acharya block (ISKCON’s self-appointed gurus), the six most powerful, Tamal Krishna Goswami, Bhagavan, Jayapataka Swami, Ramesvara, Harikesha Swami and Hridayananda Swami vehemently supported Bhavananda ….No shame, no remorse, no guilt.

NOTE: The words “vehemently supported” are very significant. The “guru cartel” knew that they had a molester situation on their hands, but they also knew that it would be politically difficult to admit that another one of their self-appointed gurus had defects. So it was decided to “cut the losses …and back the bad guy.”

Already Mayapura is losing all support and goodwill from the important Calcutta members. One member who has donated more than three million rupees is completely burnt out. The samadhi (shrine for Prabhupada) is at a standstill while Bhavananda spends 15 to 20 lakhs on his luxurious apartment. Bhavananda’s falldown has already been exposed on the most popular TV show in Australia. The worst is yet to come.”

NOTE: This is another problem. These gurus were living like demigods on earth, while simultaneously many children were being starved, beaten and molested. Ordinary members of the public are oftentimes immediately aware that the GBC’s gurus are defective conditioned souls. Yet the GBC does not care for anyone’s opinion, except their own. For example, when the GBC’s alleged guru Jayatirtha was decapitated (for drugs and sexual misconduct) by a disgruntled follower, the news was horrendous. “Guru’s Head Hacked Off” blared the headlines in England. Would the GBC step forward to explain to the public that this man never was a guru in the first place, and try to salvage the movement’s (and the lineage’s) reputation? No, never. Scandal incidents that reach the public and mass media matter little to the gurus. “We are all gurus now, these rascals are or were part of the guru cartel too, so what are you going to do about it? We can get you banned, beat or shot if you object.”

The document continues: “We all went back to our temples with our hearts broken and hopes shattered, having given Lord Chaitanya (God Himself) a wonderful gift of a faggot guru in His parampara on His 500th appearance day. We were absolutely convinced that our leaders were destroying ISKCON. Even a child in the material world could see what our great leaders could not see.”

NOTE: This is still the problem. No ordinary sane or moral person, or even a child with nominal religious training, ever states “child molesters are or were our gurus.” Only the GBCs are bold enough to make this outrageous and obnoxious claim, and enforce it, even up to 1999, by harassment, excommunications, beatings, death threats and so on.

The report also details how Jayapataka Swami went to Australia to enthusiastically prop us Bhavananda’s sagging credibility there. He fanatically branded Bhavananda’s opponents as “blasphemers” who were committing “Vaishnava aparada” (offenses to God’s pure devotee, Bhavananda). As a result, the devotees who did not want to worship a homosexual child molester were banned from the temples in Australia, threatened with violence and sometimes beaten. A report states that many devotees were “forced to live in exile” as a result of Jayapataka Swami’s fanatical preaching efforts there.

Meanwhile, Tamal Krishna Swami was saying openly, even in his class lectures, “Bhavananda is the most enlivening associate I have, out of all the GBC.” Hridayananda Swami told the temple president’s meeting that we should have compassion on our fallen brother Bhavananda. Nevermind that for the sake of this one pedophile “brother,” thousands of other good brothers were forced to leave the movement, and maybe a thousand or more children had to be molested.

In 1990, the GBC forwarded their known homosexual deviant, Satadhanya dasa, as their “credible character witness” in a debate with the pro-Prabhupada worshippers. He has been a staunch ally of Jayapataka’s molester regime in Mayapura. Naturally, Satadhanya defended the GBC’s child molester lineage worship. In a court of law, such a person’s testimony would not even be admitted, but he was their star witness (ISKCON Journal vol.1 no.1).

Oddly, in 1990, the GBC also prompted their (then) “advisor,” Narayana Maharaja of the Gaudiya Matha, to defend their bogus molester lineage. He not only supported the GBC’s molester guru lineage, he also stated that three of the named deviants (by Srila Prabhupada) of the Gaudiya Matha are examples of bona fide gurus. He was also making a “gopi bhava (divine conjual love?) discussions club” with some of the leading henchmen of the molester guru regime.

More oddly, in 1990, some GBC were arranging that their gurus should be “exorcized by tantric magicians” from alleged ghostly hauntings. Some of the “medications” (?) used by a “tantric ghost removal doctor” turned out to be dangerous psychotropic drugs. Even more oddly, Harikesha’s followers later claimed that other GBC were trying to kill Harikesha by giving him these dangerous drugs. And far more oddly, Harikesha admitted that molestation was going on in Mayapura in 1998, yet he vociferously defended and reinstated the worst of that regime’s leaders in 1986? If he was aware of the problem, and you’d have to be blind not to, why did he go on until 1998 defending that regime? Getting back to 1986:

2.4) Children’s Molestations Overlooked

The hundreds of innocent children who had to suffer homosexual pedophile attacks, abuses, even beatings from the “good brother” Bhavananda’s nests were not even mentioned by Hridayananda Swami, or any of the other Founding Fathers. Most of the other “brothers” were being driven out, excommunicated, some were thrown into the street in the middle of the night, some were beaten and few simply disappeared from the face of the earth, and a few were shot. What about their service? What about the safety of the society’s children and the exploding molestation problem?

Even Prabhavishnu Swami, caught up in the GBC frenzy to uphold a known homosexual pedophile as “Srila Prabhupada’s successor,” spoke up on Bhavananada’s behalf. Satsvarupa Swami abstained from the Bhavananda issue, aiding and abetting by silent acquiescence. Perhaps Satsvarupa Swami was too busy proclaiming the glories of another homosexual pedophile nest builder, Kirtanananda Swami. Clearly, Satsvarupa was trying to get the author of this paper assassinated by very violent rhetorcial writing. He was successful in getting our writing partner killed with his vitrioloc pen on May 22, 1986. The FBI said that we were number two on the hit list….

Satsvarupa Swami wrote in the society’s “Back To Godhead” that he thought Kirtanananda (and his pedophile empire?) was equal to Lord Jesus Christ, Haridasa Thakura and Prahlada Maharaja all rolled into one. According to GBC mandates and militant preaching, the “two kings of child abuse nests” were to remain worshipped as if they were as good as Lord Jesus Christ. And the molested, sheltered under the guru’s “protective umbrella” didn’t count? And those of us protesting the molestation regime were getting death threats at this time.

In 1985, we asked Mukunda Goswami, ISKCON’s public relations manager, why he was advertising Bhavananada as “Vishnupada” (one whose feet are equal to God’s) in the Society’s newsletter. He failed to reply.

In 1986, we asked the same Mukunda Goswami about the nervous breakdowns and total mental collapses some of the mothers of these molested boys had been experiencing. He replied, “So what, I’ve heard many stories worse than that.”


Kirtanananda Swami was recently (1993) caught in a homosexual act with “his disciple.” He then admitted to engaging in sexual relations with other (young) male followers. He was once taken to court, charged with sleeping with young boys at New Vrindavana. According to reports, the swami made one boy sleep in his sleeping bag every night. He always drove around the farm with this boy sitting on his lap. Photos of the swami “being massaged” by fifty boys at the same time startled Newspaper reporters, but not the GBC or their similarly perverted followers?

His followers, including some of the children’s teachers, were criminally convicted of molestation. He orchestrated a massive nest of molestation at New Vrindavana. One of his close associates later died, allegedly from “bone cancer,” but many devotees suspect AIDS. This “associate” was observed many times bringing up “young boys from Mexico” to the New Vrindavana far where he would “entertain” them.

There is a mountain of evidence that wrongdoings were going on in almost every department of Kirtanananda’s regime. But the molestation of vulnerable children should have been investigated by the GBC.

Instead, they excommunicated Sulochana dasa for making a report on the society’s molestation in the first place. Indeed, when the molestations were at their peak, Satsvarupa Swami called Sulochana dasa “an envious snake, digging up the muck, with a poison pen, etc.” Sulochana dasa, meanwhile, said that Satsvarupa’s writings would fan fanaticism, which would end up getting him assassinated. A few months after one of Satsvarupa’s famous “Kirtanananda glorifications” was printed (January 1986), and Sulochana dasa called that article “our death certificate,” he was in fact assassinated (May 1986), just exactly as he had predicted.

Another amazing prediction by Sulochana dasa became true shortly thereafter. He had all along said his children were in danger at New Vrindavana. Just six months after his assassination, his son was found floating face down in a New Vrindavana pond. More amazingly, most GBCs still characterize Sulochana as a crank, nut, or alcoholic, because he actually tried to protect his children from molestation and death?

One woman (Kanka dasi) reported that her children had been molested and Kirtanananda responded, So what? Sex is sex. How much sex are you having?” Amazingly, he compares sex between consenting adults and pedophile molestation.

There are, of course, many other strange incidents surrounding this alleged GBC guru. A whole book has been made on this one guru alone called “Monkey On A Stick.” For example, a few people disappeared, never to be seen again, from New Vrindavana. A murder was discovered on the property, Kirtanananda’s “enforcer” was convicted.

Most GBC gurus still vilify Sulochana dasa because rather obviously, they still want to protect these molesters. Additionally, theft, forgery, mail fraud, extortion, women being beaten, children being abused, and so on were also later uncovered.

According to GBC documents, Kirtanananda “was also a guru” who certified many current GBC gurus. In addition, he gave “sannyasa” initiation to other gurus like Jagadisha Goswami. Is it just a coincidence that Jagadisha Swami has been criticized for using the same, identical “marriage breaking” preaching techniques that Kirtanananda was so much “infamous” for? Since the “guru” gives the initiation seed (called bija), what kind of “spiritual seed” could Kirtanananda Swami plant? And, after destroying other devotee’s marriages, later Jaggadish ran off with the wife of his own “disciple“? In any normal religion, a person posing as Jesus and breaking up other’s marriages would be considered as a dangerous criminal rogue. Yet, Kirtanananda, Jaggadish and similar “marriage breaking” preachers have never been prosecuted for wrongs. In other words, being certified as a “Jesus like guru” by Kirtanananda merely lead to people imitating his mode of management. And once the marriage was destabilized, and the family unit was in a tailspin, then the children were more likely to be unprotected and vulnerable to abuse and molestation.

Now, of course, the GBC says, “we made a slight mistake.” Yes, they “forgot” (?) …that the orchestration of a mass wave of child molestation has nothing to do with being “Christ-like.” Amazingly, after Kirtanananda Swami started the same molestation “nest building” activities (as Bhavananada) in the USA, the January 1986 “Back To Godhead Magazine” (in an article by Satsvarupa dasa goswami) directly compared Kirtanananda Swami to Lord Jesus! Hopefully, we can now see the link between the molester guru’s Founding Fathers (and reinstator sector) as well as the infrastructure of protectors and sympathizers of molesters, and today’s gurus (especially from the eleven) in ISKCON. They are the same original deviants who started all this in 1978.

For example the “guru“: Ramesvara dasa. He was caught on numerous occasions “dating,” especially, one of his 14-year-old female disciples. Every day these young girls would come to his window and sing prayers in his praise. While being a sannyasi (renounced order), he would swim with all of his young girl students, he being the only male in the pool area. He dated one of his young girl “students” in movie theaters, Italian restaurants, etc. He used to talk to each of the girls, in his private office, even placing the girls on his lap, for hours and hours on end. He went out to buy his young “spiritual daughter” leather mini-skirts. He was also reported to be going to “aerobic exercise classes” where young ladies were jumping up and down wearing skin-tight leotards. One of his ex-body guards told us that he would go out on dates with his “spiritual daughter” at two o’clock in the morning. Yet many of his followers did not think any of this was wrong, due to the fanatical preaching that “the guru can do no wrong” from the GBC.

We recently asked one of Ramesvara’s former disciples about the molestation of children all over ISKCON due to the influence and policies of these molester “gurus” (or de facto molester gurus like Ramesvara) and he said (angrily), “So what, who are you to criticize?” And this has been the attitude of the blind followers of the enforced worship of deviants and pedophiles for the past 20 years. Yes, who cares that homosexuals and pedophiles are being worshipped as good as God and they have been forming molester nests, and as a result: children have been molested? “You have no authority to challenge our wonderful pure molester guru empire? We are God’s living spokespersons, and so, who are you“?

Of course Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Kamsa of yore, they all would say, “so what?” to their critics. And as usual the above mentioned ex-follower of Ramesvara was very angry and vehement, as this type of fanatic has been for the past 20 years. That is why the molestation went on to the extent that is has. The GBC’s pedophile lineage has many such sub-violent vociferous supporters and enforcers. No questions are allowed, not now, nor have they been for the past 20 years. Yes, “who?” is anyone to “question” the GBC’s enforced cult ritualistic worship of pedophiles, or their de facto pedophile “gurus” like Ramesvara, a regime which has been molesting children left, right and center? Indeed “so what” is their common reply? And Ramesvara is alleged to have arranged the assassination of Sulochana dasa, a critic of the molester guru regime. Again, so what? Yes, we ban people, yes we beat people, yes we molest people, yes we kill people, so what? So what? So what if we have no feelings for our victims like a normal human being. Yes our party can molest, ban, beat, and kill, and then we have a good laugh at our victims (as demons have done for centuries in the name of God?).

According to Sulochana dasa, when a woman tried to investigate child molestation in the Los Angeles school, Ramesvara called her up and warned that she might be in danger if she kept up her investigation.

Other GBCs were told about potential abuse and molestation in Los Angeles. But they said that Ramesvara would control it. Yes, the man who is dating a fourteen-year-old girl should be placed in charge of investigating similar cases! And this blatant misbehavior went on “for years.” He was eventually removed from his post, not for sexual deviation, but for misusing funds.

Ramesvara had said, “Sulochana needed to get a new body,” i.e. he needed to be murdered. He even asked one of his followers to assassinate him. To date, the GBC has never investigated this and demanded criminal murder conspiracy charges (and so on and so forth).

Jayatirtha, Agrani, Ananda Swarupa, Jaggadisha, and similar alleged GBC “pure as Jesus gurus” had heterosexual affairs with their followers. By Srila Prabhupada’s calculation this (guru’s sex with disciples) is “the same as a father having sex with his own daughter.” Yes, all of these daughter (incest) molesters “are guru links in our worshipped like Jesus guru chain” by GBC calculation. Worse, these deviants “certified” the current wave of gurus. How can impure souls, indeed sexual deviants, indeed even child molesters, “certify” –the pure?


What is the GBC’s authority for certification of their “next wave” of (current) gurus in ISKCON? All of the next guru wave (some 75 gurus at last count) were “certified as pure as Jesus” either by molester gurus directly, or by the Founding Fathers, protectors and reinstators of the molester gurus. In fact at the same identical ceremony where a known HOMOSEXUAL PEDOPHILE nest builder (Bhavananda) was reinstated by the GBC, twenty more GBC GURUS were simultaneously voted in.

From the minutes of the 1986 GBC meeting we find that Bhavananda was reinstated to “full guru powers.” Simultaneously, the following “guru candidates” were certified as gurus by the “voting members” (yes, the same voters who had just certified a known pedophile nest builder) to join the happy and pure family …of child molester nest builder gurus!(?)

And so at this “auspicious pedophile homosexual reinstatement ceremony” the following persons were also simultaneously given their “guru certification”:

1) Lokanath Swami (later charged with touching a young girl’s genitials)
2) Bhakti Abhay Charan
3) Bir Krishna Swami (Current [May-1999] GBC Chairman)
4) Maharama dasa
5) Virabahu dasa
6) Charu dasa
7) Mahanidhi Swami
8) Romapada Swami
9) Niranjana Swami
10) Navayogendra Swami
11) Rupanuga dasa
12) Ravindra Swarupa dasa
13) Mukunda Swami
14) Ganapati Swami
15) Vipramukhya Swami
16) Bhaktiprabhava Swami
17) Narahari Swami
18) Radha Krishna Swami

Recommended to become “voted in as gurus next year“:

1) Kavichandra Swami
2) Jagad Guru Swami
3) Prahladananda Swami
4) Trivrikrama Swami
5) Jayadvaita Swami (says gurus have illicit sex with men, women and children).

At this time the Founding Fathers of the molester nest “gurus” were giving us their most blatant and flagrant degradation. They were reaffirming that a homosexual pedophile was to be worshipped as good as Lord Jesus Christ. Worse, some more deviants were simultaneously being declared, by the pedophile guru lineage Founding Fathers, to also be authorized gurus. As one devotee said, “this ceremony is like Rasputin certifying the saints in our Church.”

Reality check. Srila Prabhupada had always said that you cannot make a guru by votes (which he disdainfully called guru by rubber stamp), or ecclesiastical edicts. The guru is not appointed – especially not by any mundane molester-infested committee – he is appointed directly by the Supreme Lord Himself! Thus, he is as pure as the Lord, and thus he is fit to be worshipped as if he were as good as (in purity) the Lord. The GBC thinks that God has to accept their guru voting process.

Chapter Three – More Unwholesomeness

3.1) Marriage Breaking Preaching (psychology behind it)

Many GBC gurus feel that they have the divine authority to “preach” (directly order or subtly hint) that one spouse should leave the other. Why? Usually this is done because one spouse tries to obtain “counselling” because the other spouse has expressed “doubts about the GBC guru.”  By this degraded guru process, divorce and illegitimate affairs actually become encouraged and legitimized. The family unit becomes desecrated so that the “sacred principle” of worshipping the guru is maintained. Absolute and unquestioned obedience to the GBC’s guru becomes the first rule of morality.

This aspect of the GBC’s “guru management” is, like the molestation produced by their lineage, not addressed by the GBC body. Desecrating the family unit aids and abets the child molestation problem itself. Once the guru ruins a marriage, the children are left in a vulnerable position for molestation and other chaos. In New Vrindavana, almost all the marriages were destroyed by this type of “preaching.” Jane Wallace (of CBS news) even asked us why all of the mothers seemed to have different looking children, obviously from different fathers. She also asked why other ISKCON leaders, like Satsvarupa Swami, were promoting Kirtanananda to be directly as good as Lord Jesus Christ. Of course sometimes gurus or their leading men have had affairs with married women, even minor girls, as well.

Here is one recent story (1992) which tends to illustrate what has occurred in hundreds of similar cases. A woman was “initiated by a GBC guru” on the East Coast. Her husband, however, doubted the guru’s authority. Who would not, considering these issues? The woman went to her guru for “spiritual guidance.” He told her that her husband was a demon (because he could see through him?), and that she should leave her husband. The guru handily provided her with a “new husband,” who was loyal to the guru. She then discovers that the new husband was physically abusive. So, she went back to the “guru” to complain. He chastised her, “What do you expect, since you are a prostitute (for changing husbands on my order)?

The woman was devastated.

3.2) Womens’ Collecting Parties

The marriage breaking has been augmented by the guru’s “women’s collecting parties.”  Women were ordered not to get married, and instead “serve the guru” by selling trinkets and oil paintings, often travelling long distances by van.

Usually these parties had a male leader, who was sometimes having illicit sex with some, or sometimes all, of the women in the party. Several abortions are rumored to have occurred as a result of these “collecting parties.”  Sometimes the women were physically abused, or they had children who were being abused in the school, while they were on the road  “collecting for the guru.

Chapter Four – A Brief History

Due to lack of space, only a very brief historical account of some of the “pure devotee’s” activities will be given herein.  A book of several thousand pages could be written on their inglorious deeds. This is merely an overview designed to give the reader some idea of the spectrum of tactics utilized by these alleged pure guru successors.

The GBC report is created in conjunction with their newly-acquired “Navadvipa advisor.”  Their March report declares that the gurus have “assumed the position of assisting the gopis (conjugal lovers of Krishna)“. Allegedly, all of the GBC’s gurus were now completely “as pure as God.” Indeed, they were now to be worshipped as His conjugal lovers.

Prabhupada had oftentimes expressed various doubts about this “advisor,” even branding him as “a severe offender” in 1977. This same “advisor” helped start a bisexual “guru successor” fiasco in India, which had destroyed the earlier (1930s) Krishna movement. Yes, dissenters in the 1930s and 40s were also vilified, excommunicated and murdered as well.

This bisexual so-called guru had a prostitute wife. When their ten-year-old son discovered she was a prostitute, he was poisoned by the “wife” in a cover-up attempt.  After this, the advisor’s alleged “lineage guru” drank the same poison and died.  Amazingly, this history was described in detail to the GBC. They were told to avoid any connection with this so-called lineage.  Yet, in 1978, they boldly declared this lineage’s leader to be their new “living advisor.” Why would the GBC want to duplicate these problems?  At this time the GBC made a militantly-clear policy:  Anyone who would not accept the “advisor” had to leave ISKCON. Now.

Death threats and massive purges begin.

Kirtanananda’s drug smuggling reported.

Simultaneous arrests made by police in drug operations.

– Woman was beaten nearly to death at New Vrindavana.
– Other beatings were reported in various places.
– New York Sate Court condemned GBC’s money-collection tactics.
– Jayatirtha’s illicit sex and drugs is covered up by GBC.
– Bhagavan begins lavish life-style while his temple is in shambles.
– Ramesvara admits that the GBC guru appointment is a hoax.
– “Navadvipa advisor” orders him to resume “deceiving the disciples.”
– Harikesha becomes famous for his ruthless purge tactics.

In an August “position paper” the “Mahajanas” (actual Krishna gurus) were attacked by Satsvarupa, Jayapataka Swami, and others. The report tries to rationalize the GBC’s “guru” falldowns as comparable to the activities of actual (mahajanas or) bona fide gurus.

Tamal Krishna claims to have special “guru shakti” powers above all the other gurus and is suspended by the GBC from guru duties. He then admits that the whole “guru appointment” is a hoax:   “Prabhupada only made ritviks” (on the so-called appointment tape), he admits.

Taru dasa disappears from New Vrindavana never to be seen again (he was later discovered to have been murdered).

Navadvipa advisor “saves” Tamal Krishna from GBC censure. Satsvarupa declares advisor is “senior-most Vaishnava on the planet.” Dissenter (Chakradhari) murdered at New Vrindavana, buried on property.

Advisor suddenly declared to be a demon by the GBC. GBC assassination and bombing plots on the advisor surface. Advisor’s followers physically assaulted.   Devotee admits that Tamal Krishna had tried to recruit him to “beat up” the advisor’s followers. Some of them were beaten up, one was stabbed in the head with a screwdriver. Ex-Kirtanananda followers complain of violent mood from guru’s “enforcers

Jayatirtha writes book complaining of death threats from other GBC gurus. GBC forbids publication of Prabhupada’s letters (with death threats). Sannyasi commits suicide after talk with Tamal Krishna. Ramesvara’s followers issue death threats to dissenters.

Bhavananda’s pedophile homosexual nests further revealed.  A woman complains that she had a nervous breakdown after discovering her five-year-old son was massaging Bhavananda.  The GBC ignores her plea for help. Police officer’s house blasted by shotgun fire after he makes “guru” inquiries.

Satsvarupa says his daily struggle is to “reduce his pill intake by one.” Ghost-busting and tantric (black magic) among gurus revealed. Hridayananda admits that “appointment tape” is flawed.  He is also exposed in what would become a routine expose, his “private talks with and sometimes massages from women.” Hansadutta admits to “guru appointment” hoax. Sulochana’s marriage isbroken up by Kirtanananda, he tries to get help from GBC and they simply criticize and railroad him out.  Sulochana obtains microfilm of Prabhupada’s letters and Ramesvara threatens to make him, “dead meat.” Dallas guru changes his story back to the appointed guru dogma.

Satsvarupa compares his headaches to “the sufferings of Lord Jesus.” Some “reformers” complain of death threats. 72 felony arrests are counted at one temple. Ravindra Swarupa dasa gets “another version” of the appointment tape.

Sulochana dasa informs the GBC of massive molestation and corruption at New Vrindavana, they ignore his report. Balavanta (a GBC) admits to Sulochana that the GBC is run by “Machiavellian tactics,” which all stems from Tamal Krishna.

GBC makes “molester nest kings” to be “co-managers” of school. Satsvarupa’s writing compares Kirtanananda to Lord Jesus Christ. Sulochana predicts this article will get him killed. San Francisco devotee (Vipra dasa) asked to assassinate Sulochana. Ramesvara asks devotee to assassinate Sulochana. Sulochana is assassinated (May). GBC recertifies known pedophile molester to be as good as Jesus.   Dr. J. Stillson Judah wards this paper’s author to “watch your back, your life is in danger.” Jane Wallace (CBS News) asks us why so many of New Vrindavana’s mothers have children from all different fathers?  And, why is Kirtanananda being massaged by 50 boys in public everyday? Sulochana’s son found drowned (December) in New Vrindavana pond. Satsvarupa says perfect gurus need “reform.”  Scholars identify this as a “political ploy” to appease the growing wave of dissidents.

Bhavananda leaves with a substantial amount of money. Bhagavan leaves with all the money in the French temple’s safe. Ramesvara leaves with a considerable amount of cash.  No effort is made to recover any of these funds. New Vrindavana raided by Federal Marshalls. Molesters given tickets to fly out of country. Fifty women report being beaten at New Vrindavana.

Advisor” admits Prabhupada made officiating ritviks. Jayatirtha’s head hacked off by follower. Jayapataka and Harikesha Swamis start guru ghost-busting program. Hridayananda “Swami” caught (again) being massaged by a woman.  GBC rewards him with a Cadillac and college education fund.

Virabahu dasa writes GBC guru’s “Apologist’s Bible.”   Claims that homosexual pedophile relations are “the same experience you would get from a bona fide guru.”  Creates considerable laughter.

New York temple Haitian disco starts, simultaneously they ban the pro-Prabhupada worshippers from entering there. Jayapataka almost killed in knife attack by disgruntled follower. Satsvarupa’s “Life Of Prayer,” declared “madness” by some GBCs. Ravindra Swarupa writes in defense of marriage-breaking preaching tactics.

Rigged debate held.  GBC refuses to discuss their history or qualifications. GBC later declares entire meeting invalid.

GBC tries to cover up their losses from the debate by openly declaring that three dubious persons are “gurus like Prabhupada.”  Prabhupada himself had called one of them “an envious black snake, who killed his guru.” Another one insulted and threatened Prabhupada, and was often thought to be plotting to kill him. Prabhupada said that two of them were the Founding Fathers of a deviant bisexual guru and were “severe offenders.” All of these men were once branded as “cockroaches” by Srila Prabhupada.

Ghost-busting fiasco.  GBC declares its gurus are full of ghosts. Gurus, temples, children, businesses “ghostbusted.” Businessman shot to death at Vrindavana temple.  Locals disturbed. GBC bails out and verbally defends a molester.

Homosexual rape
at a temple reported. Non-molester guru supporters receive death threat from San Diego. Trivrikrama threatens to call police on non-molester supporters. Hridayananda caught giving private lessons to “Sally.” Sannyasi caught watching triple-x videos.

Triple-x video sannyasi made a guru.
Ex-gurukula students told they need to “work with Jayapataka,” a molestation nest Founding Father, in order to be accepted in ISKCON. Molester sympathizer made GBC’s “Justices leader.” Cow protection program exposed as abusive. Death threat issued from “Satsvarupa disciple.” Another unresolved San Diego death threat reported to FBI. Woman snubbed for investigating molestation pattern. ISKCON authority investigated for affairs with minors. A GBC kicks out 16-year-old daughter – resulting in her being raped. GBC orders AIDS tests for all ISKCON members. Kirtanananda caught in homosexual act. Four girls molested at Mayapura. Man investigated for sex with daughter. ISKCON leader linked as Bhavananda’s past “associate.” Non-molester lineage promoters banned from England’s temples. Guru’s “homosex on train” incident revealed. Treasurer goes berserk at temple.  Sent to insane asylum. Counselling on molestation offered by GBC, hoping they will pacify people and not get sued? Woman is raped on a temple’s property. Prabhupada’s Godbrother says ISKCON is full of thieves and rogues. AND SO ON AND SO FORTH.

Chapter Five – Quotes on Homosexuality

Srila Prabhupada speaks out on homosexuality

Prabhupada:  The priests are doing all nonsense.   Homosex….What is their religion?  They are getting married, man to man. Most degraded (February 1977).

Prabhupada:  I am very sorry that you have taken to homosexuality.  It will not help you in your attempt for spiritual life.  In fact, it will only hamper your advancement. I do not know why you have taken to such abominable activities. What can I say? Anyway, try to render whatever service you can to Krishna.  Even though you are in a degraded condition, Krishna, being very pleased with your service attitude, can pick you up from your fallen state. You should stop this homosexuality immediately. It is illicit sex.  Otherwise, your chances of advancing in spiritual life are nil. Show Krishna you are serious, if you are (letter, May 26, 1975).

There are dozens of similar quotes.  He did not endorse homosexuality.

Chapter Six – Conclusion

We have to state that not every member of the GBC’s guru council fully agree with the molester guru idea.  Some of them privately admit that the whole GBC is off the rails and that they are just “tolerating everything, hoping it will get better.”   Some of them are actually promoting the idea that they are laymen and should not be seen as absolute.  This is a good beginning.

Others, such as Gaura Govinda Maharaja seem to agree with us as well.   He says that the molester founders are “agents of Kali (Satan) who have entered the highest places in the movement.”  Unfortunately, he tends to promote himself as the exclusive savior for this situation.  He claims that persons cannot have “any potency” unless they are connected to him and his worship.  He even says that Prabhupada’s books and tapes have “no potency,” unless restated by him.  Even his Godbrother’s preaching efforts have “no potency.”

Although his writings state that the guru lineage is always pure, he simultaneously says it may be inhabited by demons, as happens from time to time.  Prabhupada would never agree to this.  He always said that the lineage is uncontaminated at all times, for all eternity.

In short, although he agrees with the bulk of our paper, even that the molester lineage worship is Satanic, he still does not present an integrating philosophy based on Prabhupada or his philosophy, but only around himself.  Yet, we are seeing hopeful signs that some “reality” is creeping into a few of the GBCs and we especially hope that devotees like Gaura Govinda Maharaja, who is of good character, will go the extra mile to focus things in on Srila Prabhupada and his philosophy. (These paragraphs were written before maharaja’s unfortunate disappearance. -Webmaster)


The GBC is still persecuting, banishing, harassing, threatening and generating a dangerous malevolent mood against those who want to worship the real guru, Srila Prabhupada, and not the molester influenced lineage.   For example, Shivarama Swami recently banned devotees from visiting the temples in England because they would not accept that molesters were his gurus, and their Founding Fathers and reinstators are now his gurus.

They should cease this at once.  Moreover, they should try to get help from the non-molester lineage promoters.  Their satanic molester-influenced lineage cannot be worshipped – and driven out – simultaneously.

For the numerous devotees who have been viciously driven out, they should be assured that their oppressors will no longer be able to harass them.   Especially, the Founding Fathers and reinstators of molesters should resign or be removed from the GBC body.

For the thousand-plus children who have been molested, just so that a few people could steal from them a couple of minutes to glory, much needs to be done.   These children were deprived of their innocence, education and a start in their life as a devotee – the way Prabhupada had intended.  Meetings should be held to discuss how to make amends and rectifications.

Moreover, since most of the society’s schools have been shut down due to the molester guru lineage’s influence, discussion should now be made about how to start getting things back on the right track.  No sane child, or moral parent, will want to worship the pictures of the Founding Fathers of the molester nests.

The GBC sponsored seminars on molestation and abuse are either a good smoke-screen to hide the guru’s molester lineage, or a good first step.  Yet these seminars never address the real issue, “why are we still worshipping the Founding Fathers, supporters and reinstators of molestation nests as if they were as pure at God?

Illegal acts, such as marriage breaking preaching, should be halted forthwith.  The gurus should give up their alleged “proprietorship” over spouses in a marriage and begin to respect marriage as a sacred principle.

Since molestations continue to follow the GBC’s guru lineage like a shadow, they should act fast.  Testing everyone in ISKCON for AIDS is good, but the worship of the molester principle has to be halted.  We intended to consult with   experts on AIDS and molestation scholars, to alert them of the crisis at halt.

The molester lineage should no longer be accepted as valid in any ISKCON temple.  Indeed, people have to be counseled on the harmful effects of continuing to worship the GBC’s molester principle.  To solve this, worship of the actual pure devotee, Srila Prabhupada, should be vigorously encouraged at once.   Only His picture, and pure lineage, should be worshipped.

We know that the worship of the real pure devotee, Srila Prabhupada, will happen in time. Our humble request is to speed up the process and save more innocent souls from further suffering, or even AIDS.

Hare Krishna.

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